Still Matthews grew up in the foothills of Tennessee

Still Matthews grew up in the foothills of Tennessee, and his musical gift became apparent even in his early years. Having started playing music at the age of 12, Still mastered a plethora of instruments while also developing a natural, recognizable voice.

Still’s versatility has allowed him to adopt a number of genres in his creations. His talent was evident, but the many obstacles that have molded him into the artist he is today is what makes him special. An early example of Still’s early struggles came when he left home at the age of 16 to chase his dream after dropping out from high school.

Still quickly made strides musically, along with a solid name for himself on the business side of the industry. Despite minor hiccups along the way, he stayed determined and developed into the artist and producer that is just now getting the recognition he deserves. Still used every bump in the road along the way and molded his experiences to connect with others going through similar situations. Those with mental health issues are his focus as he strives to create music for those battling depression and PTSD like he does daily.

Still produces in a unique way as his artistic mind gives him a bit of an edge. By pulling influence from artists like Post Malone, 6lack and Lana Del Rey, his music creates an ambience that feels like a collision of unfiltered authentic and unrivaled emotion. To no surprise, Still had been a fan of Jelly Roll, a fellow Nashville artist, long before their paths led them together. Quickly, their relationship proved successful and rewarding to both of them.

Some of Still’s work can be heard on Jelly Roll’s, “Crosses and Crossroads,” “A Beautiful Disaster,” and “Self Medicated.” These are just a few examples of albums he’s worked on, all of which have accumulated millions of streams on YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Still Matthews has leaned on animated music videos for himself to help create a timeless piece of work and is demonstrating he is an astonishing artist that continues to break barriers as he grows. He started his career as a young kid, gained the experience necessary to succeed and has proved his abilities time and time again. Still’s new project, “Diamonds and Gold,” is set to release in May, but you can stay up to date on all things about Still by using Still Matthews’ official website.

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