6 Tips For Throwing An Amazing Party

Throwing an amazing party might seem simple but it is not in reality. Whether you are planning an intimate cocktail party or a Thanksgiving dinner, things can be a bit complicated. Apart from being a good host, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that everyone has a good time like you must know the decorating tips as well. If you are someone who is planning to throw an amazing party, there are some things you need to consider.

1. Commit To A Specific Purpose

When it comes to throwing an amazing party, you need to ask yourself the purpose. The purpose of the party will give you an insight into how the party should be planned and guarantee the fact that people participating will surely enjoy it. For instance, if you ask a friend why she wants a baby shower, she might say that she is scared of the actual labor and birth and wants to be surrounded by people who have gone through the process before.

The problem with most parties is that they keep repeating the same thing over and over again. As a result, people who enter the party feel that the vibe is kind of boring. Therefore, they will try to leave as soon as they arrive. If your party is just about some friends gathering, you could throw in some activities or games that will entertain them.

2. Be Strategic With Space

Parties are all about bumping into each other, finding someone new to start a conversation. This is why space is probably the most important factor contributing to the success of a party. If you happen to book a huge space, you will see people scattered everywhere throughout the area. The idea is to have a space that allows people to bump into each other and start a conversation. This is where most friends come from.

If people are partying by standing at the corner, they are not going to enjoy anything let alone the party. Furthermore, at big parties, people tend to seek out smaller spaces in order to maintain the density. They wouldn’t like to be dancing and enjoying the party with the other couple 10 feet away.

3. Tell A Story With The Invite

Sending out basic invitation cards with all the relevant information is the most common way of inviting people to a party. However, what if you made things a bit more personal so that the people coming over realize that something special is about to go down. For instance, you can throw a party for your colleagues who have been working hard the entire year and send them an invite stating that it is time that we let ourselves a little loose. Once you do that, there is hardly going to be anyone not accepting your invite.

4. The First Few Minutes Set The Tone

Studies have shown that people tend to remember the first impression and the end of an experience. Considering that, the last thing you would want is to have a good impression while entering a party and then bad-mouthing every inch of the place while they leave. The way we tend to open and close parties is the most overlooked factor today. You do not have to be too flashy when it comes to welcoming people, you can pour each guest a special drink or make a brief welcome toast.

Another great way of starting a party is decorating a Christmas tree with personal pictures with your friends that allow you to start a conversation on a personal note. Lastly, you can make the participants feel special through a speech telling how lucky you are and how reassuring it is to see their faces.

5. Host With Rules

If it is you who will be hosting the party, remember to always play by the rule book. You are the glue that binds everyone together and a magnet as well that brings people close to each other. Your job is to entertain people and not leave them stranded in the way. You should introduce your friends to each other, protect and connect as well. For instance, if you see a friend domineering the table, you should jump in, respectfully of course, and take back the conversation. If you find two friends chatting for hours at a corner, break them up and introduce new people. And a great way to introduce people is to find something in common.

As a host of the party, you get to make the rules. For example, you can lay down a rule that only one conversation will take place at the table. This gives everyone a chance to jump in instead of everyone starting their own conversation.

6. Close Your Party Decisively

After everyone has had a good time and it is now time to leave, people will be tiptoeing toward the door and will be needing structure and direction. Thank everyone and wrap the event with a few highlights. If you are hosting the party, ask everyone to move to the living room for “one last” drink or coffee. Then, finally, say goodbye by helping them through the door personally. Offer a handshake or a hug as they head out. Ending a party does not mean that you ask people to step out once they have their last drink because that is just disrespectful. Give them a reason to remember you for the good time they had.

Final Word

Concluding, throwing an amazing party is not going to be a problem if you were to follow the tips mentioned above. Simply play by the rules and make sure that everyone feels connected and special.

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