Weekend Movie Recommendations: Silly, Goofy Fun Edition

You know what? It’s early spring. We’re getting more sunlight. We’re leaving the drudgery of winter. As such, for this week’s recommendations I wanted to find a few bright, light, silly movies. Nothing dark. Nothing grim. Nothing serious. I went to Amazon Prime and found some goofy comedies because why not? Spring has sprung!

Let’s start with Top Secret!, an absurd comedy from Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker. The trio gave us a riff on disaster movies with Airplane!. They parodied cop dramas with Police Squad! and then The Naked Gun. Top Secret! is their riff on spy movies starring Val Kilmer. Hey, don’t be surprised. Early in his career Kilmer was doing a lot of joke-heavy comedy. Have you seen Real Genius? It’s super good! Top Secret! is a little less funny as Real Genius, as well as the aforementioned ZAZ films, but I do enjoy it quite a bit.

Netflix anuncia serie con lo que ocurrió 10 años después de 'Wet Hot  American Summer' - applauss.com

Top Secret! is a joke-a-second parody of the PG-13 variety. Now that you have eased into the evening, let’s ratchet it up to an R with Wet Hot American Summer. This parody of summer camp films like Meatballs is a perfect introduction to the warm weather. It’s incredibly dumb but also pretty genius. The movie is also filled to the brim with future famous faces like Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper.

Then, you can end the evening with a movie that delves deep into parody by trying to walk the delicate tightrope of making a purposefully bad movie. Rarely does that work. The Velocipastor doesn’t entirely pull it off. As you might have guessed, it’s a movie about a pastor who turns into a velociraptor. It had real midnight movie vibes, which makes it perfect to watch at the end of an evening. Plus, it’s Easter weekend, so why not watch a movie about a pastor?

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