There Are No Good Pop Culture Rabbits

This weekend is Easter. There are several things associated with Easter that have connections to pop culture as well. Chocolate? You’ll find that in an Easter basket to be sure, but it’s also in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and that one episode of I Love Lucy which is actually quite good physical comedy, which isn’t always the case with that sitcom. There’s also Chocolat, which I have not seen. Eggs? Um…Egghead as played by Vincent Price was fun on the ‘60s version of Batman. We could get into the various religious pop culture entities as well. On the other hand, you know what I’ve realized? There are no good pop culture rabbits.

Bugs Bunny? I’ve honestly never found him terribly funny. Joe Dante made a decent Looney Tunes movie, but as a kid I didn’t love Looney Tunes. Or even Tiny Toons, though I liked that one better. Now, though, I’m not a fan of Buster or Babs Bunny. Peter Rabbit? He’s a snooze, and he sees like a psycho in that new Peter Rabbit movie where he’s voiced by James Corden. Br’er Rabbit? Well, let’s just say I have no interest in Songs of the South. Also, I never even rode Splash Mountain.

I feel like even as a kid Peter Cottontail bored me. I never read Bunnicula. That Greg the Bunny show didn’t look good to me when it aired, and I don’t think you can necessarily find it now. I guess the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is fine. He’s late, but his energy is propulsive, I guess. That dude is not boring, at least.

Sorry, rabbits. You may have the Easter Bunny, but even the Easter Bunny has no appeal to me. Well, not since I was a kid and I thought he was delivering me all that candy and hiding eggs. Since I grew up, though, I have come to apparently feel apathetic about cultural bunnies. Oh wait, I guess the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is funny. And that movie has religious aspects too. It’s an Easter miracle!

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