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Friends is one of the quintessential ‘90s sitcoms. The decade was basically defined by Friends and Seinfeld, which isn’t ideal given that means the ‘90s were defined by well-off young white people who live in New York. Apparently, it turns out there is more to the world than that. That being said, Friends was extremely popular in the ‘90s, made the Rembrandts one-hit wonders, and remains incredibly popular to teenagers of the last decade. Given that, we are probably treading into precarious territory here. We are going to rank the friends. Yes, a ranking of the six main characters from Friends, the ones who would be there for us when the rain started to pour. Who is the best? Who is the worst? You’re about to find out.

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6. Ross Geller

Does anybody like Ross? His personality is the most grating of the sextet. In terms of questionable decision making, he tops the list. And yet he has arguably the most-prestigious job of the bunch! Simply put, we don’t think we’d really want to be friends with Ross. Seems like it would be kind of a drag. Like he’s the kind of person who would drop all his dating issues on you even if you made it clear you didn’t want to hear it anymore. You know, at first you’re cool with being supportive because that’s being a friend but then he takes advantage of it?

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5. Rachel Green

Friends’ iconic will they/won’t they couple are at the bottom of our list. Look, we know a lot of ladies wanted the Rachel haircut. Also, Jennifer Aniston is the biggest star of the bunch. As a character, though, Rachel was kind of dull. She had the least funny stuff to do and honestly would be the least-memorable character if she wasn’t played by Aniston.

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4. Chandler Bing

The comedian of the group is really a swing member of any friends collective. If they are actually funny, that’s great. If they aren’t, though, that can be annoying. Chandler was like one of those hitters in baseball who bats barely over the Mendoza line but hits a homerun almost every time they make contact. Yes, Chandler could be funny, and he’s definitely a ‘90s-style quipster, which is worth points here. And yet, all those oh-so-‘90s gay panic jokes don’t necessarily stand the test of time.

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3. Joey Tribbiani

Joey is dumb. That’s basically his entire character. He’s dumb and manly and likes to eat. He’s fairly one-dimensional, but we have to admit he usually succeeds in that one dimension. “How you doin?” is so goofy on paper and yet it works as a catchphrase. Most of the time Joey had the lowest ceiling but also the highest floor. He just did his thing. That worked in an ensemble, but certainly not when he was made the star of his own show.

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2. Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe is the weirdo, which means she gets to focus on delivering jokes. That was also true of Joey, but Joey only really got to tell jokes in a specific wavelength. By being an out-there character, Phoebe got to be funnier. Flaws in her personality were easier to accept because of her role in the show, and because she didn’t have to shoulder the low. Phoebe basically got to be the Kramer, but she was completely her own thing. Plus, there were the songs. You can’t forget the songs.

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1. Monica Geller

We’ll just start with this: Courteney Cox gave the best performance on Friends. She could nail her jokes but also handle providing exposition or moving the plot forward. Monica could have a dramatic moment, a romantic moment, or a comedic moment and have them all hit. She’s well-rounded as a character, not relying as much on a specific hook like Joey or Phoebe. Monica is a strong sitcom character, the kind who actually could have carried a spinoff show. In a ranking of the friends of Friends, she’s topping the list.

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