Night Mode Commemorates Its First Major Milestone With Cracked ‘Year 1 [remixed]’ Compilation Album

Night Mode is celebrating its first year in operation with a cracked compilation album, reviving the previous seasons’ standouts via an official remix package.

It’s tough to believe a full year has already blown by since Night Mode first powered up its imprint, quickly establishing itself as a central hub for forward-thinking dance music geared towards the gaming community. As a way to commemorate its first major milestone, the label is rebooting some of the most memorable releases from the catalog thus far by releasing the ‘Night Mode – Year 1 [remixed]’ compilation. The 8-track album invites on a handful of new players to plug in and put their own twist on a few of tracks that made it into the highlight reel over the last 12 months.

I was beyond pleasantly surprised when JERICHO brought CITYWLKR in to remix ‘Slap!’ and while unfamiliar with his work at first, it quickly became clear he was a stellar producer and absolutely delivered on this remix. Can’t wait to try this in the clubs when they reopen.” –KUURO

“‘I remember hearing the original track from Luke when it first came out about a year ago. What stood out to me was the variety: having such a heavy chorus, yet still keeping an urban and dystopian atmosphere, which I couldn’t help but try and amplify even more. To be honest, I don’t really remember much about how the remix happened and my thought process behind it, it just felt right at the time and I went for it. And I wouldn’t change a thing.” –CITYWLKR

Looking forward to releasing my original interpretation of ‘I See U’ and for this compilation album in general. Night Mode has always crushed it for me and is my preferred label partner.”–One True God

Luca got super creative with this one, I’m hyped we could get him on this.” –Juelz

This is the second time I release with Night Mode and I again feel like it’s a good fit, because the label and myself (as well as this remix) both have some cyberpunk sensibilities. Also enjoyed doing something with vocals, as it’s not something I do often.”–Deadcrow

“‘Atrea’ is kinda like all the things I love about electronic music rolled into one song. It’s fast, hard, but also has a melancholy to it, which is something I absolutely adore. I wanted to try take that euphoric feeling that so many of the Night Mode releases have and do something different with it; something more in-tune with the emo influence I’ve been finding myself drawn to in my original work.” –Former Hero

We’re big believers that the future of music is in technology and gaming. Night Mode shares our vision of the two industries working together to create the best stories and fan experience. When the label reached out, we had just released the conclusion to our EP series, ‘Mostly We Grow,’ and performed it live at Team Liquid’s Alienware Training Facility. We were exhausted from our original music and wanted to do a remix to change things up.”–Half An Orange

Loading up level-one on the compilation is a crunchy electro house take from the pixel-friendly producer, No Mana. Shrouded in mystery, he is shown consuming a chunk of his life force in exchange for a dark, buoyant rendition of KLOUD’s dystopic, untethered single, “Disconnect.” Next, the sinister house producer One True God takes matters into his own hands with a special VIP of his recent record, “I See You. The version 2.0 gives the haunting vocal topline some solid room to breathe, ramping up the intensity by locking eyes with scampering low-end and rumbling basslines. UK-based artist Former Hero comes to the rescue with his rework of Heimanu’s “Atrea,” which was a highpoint from the label’s ‘This is Cyberpunk’ compilation from last year. The risks he takes pay off tenfold, resulting in an emotive excursion through striking instrumentation, euphoric melody work and clever switch-ups that keep you rooting for the good guy every step of the way.

The experimental synthpop duo from Los Angeles, PRXZM, have the honors of seeing two of their releases refracted into an entirely new light. The digital-savvy twosome Half An Orange slices the first offering open with a super sweet serving of “Let Me Fall,” the titular number from the former’s three-track EP. Sparkling synth progressions and lightweight drum patterns create a safety net for the dulcet vocal duet from its originators. The high-flying Dutchman known as Deadcrow takes the second one under his wing, experimenting outside of his comfort zone on “Adrenaline,” which was another key moment on the aforementioned comp. Not straying too far away from the album’s thematic core, he embraces the cyberpunk aesthetic and targets the adrenal glands with a special elbow-flinging trap surprise to offset the soaring lead preceding it.

The last leg of the package closes things out in true climactic fashion. Hailing from London, the bass house sensation CITYWLKR struts in with some hard-edged grooves dragged in straight from the streets. He parries the open-handed bass cut “Slap!” from KUURO and strikes with a counterattack in the form of choppy bassline riffs and a slow-churning closing sequence calling back to the OG. New York’s Luca Lush is notorious for playing the wild card, living up to that reputation by coming straight out of left-field. The libations don’t stop flowing on his remix of Juelz’s “Pour All Night,” featuring the riled-up bars of Thelonious, mixing in midtempo movement and intricate motifs into a top-shelf concoction you can’t pick up at the corner store. The final boss turns the corner with another dose of One True God, only this time it’s “Addicted” that gets some solid recovery from Seattle’s hottest export, Kumarion. The brooding vocal work gets a sobering intervention, as the plucky bass notes from OTG’s creation meet their match via mind-altering progressions worthy of topping the DEA’s watchlist.

The Night Mode crew really brought out the big guns for their ‘Year 1 [remixed]’ release, serving as the perfect night cap for its fourth season of releases, and more importantly, eternalizing a killer first year that helped put the label on the map.

Night Mode – Year 1 [remixed] Track List:

  • KLOUD – Disconnect (No Mana Remix)
  • One True God I See U (VIP)
  • Heimanu – Atrea (Former Hero)
  • PRXZM – Let Me Fall (Half An Orange Remix)
  • PRXZM – Adrenaline (Deadcrow Remix)
  • KUURO – Slap! (CITYWLKR Remix)
  • Juelz – Pour All Night ft. Thelonious (Luca Lush Remix)
  • One True God – Addicted (Kumarion)


RJ Frometa
Author: RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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