YouTube channel promotions tips to use in 2021

How to promote on YouTube? After reading our article, you will have a clear understanding and a clear picture of video promotion and YouTube channel promotion in 2021.

YouTube channel promotion

YouTube promotion is a fairly general concept, which hides a whole range of activities for the distribution of videos on this platform and outside it.

Often people come to us with a request “how can I promote YouTube” or where should we start “promoting YouTube”. Of course, it would be convenient to give one ready-made secret recipe, but there is none.

This is work with sequential stages: content strategy, customization and design, filming and editing, optimization, free and paid promotion, analytics.

I recommend that you approach the promotion on YouTube systematically and do not change the order of performing the stages, since the information for performing work in one stage is taken from the previous one. Let’s consider the stages in more detail.

YouTube channel content strategy

Everyone is talking about the need to publish quality content. And it is true. If you shoot content for “your audience”, that is, for your target audience, then it will pay off 100% and bring you results. Let’s highlight the main thing. What should you pay attention to when drawing up a content strategy?

Strategic issues

First of all, answer the questions for yourself: What is my goal of creating a YouTube channel? Give yourself a truthful answer – why do you need it? Globally, goals can be divided into charitable and commercial. Charitable causes are what you want to share with the world without expecting to receive benefits. In the second case, it is needed to obtain benefits in a broad sense. This is monetization in a broad sense: increasing sales of goods and services, selling advertising, etc. Or in order to receive non-monetary benefits: popularity, image, etc.

What is my channel about and why watch it? Getting to you, a person should immediately understand where he got to, what he can get here. Example: My channel about life and real estate in New York. Next, answer – How will viewers benefit, what is its unique feature, how your content differs from what other authors in your category offer. To do this, you need to study your competitors.

Who is my channel for? Who is the target audience? You have a target audience. Makeup portraits of your target audience groups. Become aware of their “pains”, what their values ​​and interests are. It is also important to understand where they are geographically located, how many men and women are among them, how old they are. Example: My channel is for those who want to move to New York for permanent residence (pain, interest, etc.). Typically, these are middle-aged couples, retirees and real estate investors.

What will be the criterion for promotion and goal achievement for me? For example, for a narrow business niche, promotion may be that your content will be subscribed to and watched by 1000 target people – managers or their assistants from specialized enterprises. And who will say that we watched you on YouTube, we know your expertise, we trust you and therefore are ready to work with you. And as a result, several large contracts for the supply of equipment will be concluded. And for entertainment content, 1 million views will not be enough, since the goal is advertising revenue on YouTube. To set adequate goals, again, you need to study competitors, see the average number of subscribers and views, and understand the capacity of the niche.

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