Sean Penn Documentary – “Citizen Penn” – Goes to Streamer Discovery Plus, Set for May Release

There aren’t too many actors going right now that command the level of artistic respect from fans, contemporaries and peers as stalwart acting legend Sean Penn: From such hard-hitting films as Dead Man Walking, Colors, 21 Grams, Mystic River and Into the Wild (which Penn directed) to substantive trifles like Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Sweet and Lowdown, Penn is that rare breed of thespian that comes around with the frequency of Haley’s Comet. Marlon Brando had it. So did River Phoenix. And, it can safely be said, Sean Penn has that indefinable “it” also.

 New streaming behemoth Discovery Plus is spotlighting a lesser seen side of consummate actor Sean Penn in their upcoming May 6 documentary Citizen Penn which is set to drop in May according to our reliable sources at Variety.

 Citizen Penn is about Sean Penn’s humanitarian work alongside a group of volunteers after the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake and his efforts to help Haitians recover in the wake of that natural disaster. Written and directed by Don Hardy of The Human Experiment and Love Hate Love fame, the new documentary features up close footage of Penn’s efforts on the frontline of Haiti in the days and hours after the earthquake that left a staggering 250,000 souls dead. Along with that somber number, the quake also dispossessed five million more people, all homeless after the destruction wrought by Mother Nature. Penn hit Haiti running, assuming that he would only be there for a couple of weeks to drop off supplies and assist medical personnel, at most. The in-demand actor wound up transformed by the catastrophic events and ultimately stayed past those two weeks and wound up creating an organization called J/P HRO (which now goes by CORE). This service took over day-to-day management duties for the largest camp that housed those most affected by the earthquake. In recent times it also was key in getting COVID testing set up in the United States through L.A.’s Dodgers Stadium. All fo this and more will be covered in the May 6 doc.

 So yes, Sean Penn: Brilliant actor. More importantly, Sean Penn: Humanitarian.

Citizen Penn premieres May 6, 2021 only on Discovery Plus.

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