How Does COVID-19 Change Our Perception Of SaaS?

How to come out of the Covid crisis financially stronger in 2021?

Where to put the capital? This is precisely the question that has arisen in connection with the Covid crisis since 2020. But here at this point another question arises, namely in which areas can one still invest in 2021? After all, the Covid crisis still has the world firmly in its grip. And just investing somehow can have fatal consequences, especially in the Covid crisis. And that’s precisely what you don’t want, of course, but rather to come out of the Covid crisis stronger.

Investing in shares even in the covid crisis

But you can also invest in shares. Even in the first year of the Covid crisis in 2020, the Dax alone saw a price increase of 8.7 percent. And there were also good price developments on other stock exchanges, such as the USA. Therefore, one can also invest in shares in 2021. But you should be careful with your investments. Above all, you should spread your capital over a wide area in order to avoid larger losses. One should be cautious because the actual state of the economy is not apparent as long as the aid programmes for the economy are still running all over the world. One cannot rule out a wave of bankruptcies. And of course there are also areas where one can get in cheaply, but it is not recommended. One such area would be the tourism industry. Whether people will be able to travel freely and carefree again in 2021 because of the covid crisis, no one can say for sure at the moment. Here, it will essentially also depend on the extent to which vaccination and mutations take place in the countries. And if one wants to take a risk, investments in companies from the health sector are certainly a good option at the moment. Especially in companies in the vaccine sector, for example. Since the whole world still has a great need for vaccines, further positive price developments can be expected here. But here, too, it is important to be careful: if demand falls, prices will also fall. Here, one must not miss the right time to exit the market. If you want to invest in shares, you should make a comparison beforehand. So that you can find a good share deposit for your shares. To do this, you should read about the best online brokers before you start trading on the stock exchange. As one can ultimately see, however, there are numerous fields in which one can make investments and also expect good returns here, also due to the Covid crisis in 2021.

Real estate in the Covid crisis

Although the Covid crisis has the world in its grip, there are still many areas in which investments can be worthwhile. One area in which one can continue to invest is the real estate sector. Prices in Germany have remained largely stable here despite the coronavirus when it comes to housing. According to the Federal Statistical Office, property values have recently increased by around 4.9 percent. Studies even assume property price developments of up to 50 percent in conurbations and large cities by 2030. The picture is different for office and retail space, but also space for gastronomy. Here, vacancies are currently being recorded and are likely to increase further. Especially when the federal government’s aid programmes come to an end, because only then will it ultimately be possible to see what state the economy is in and thus also the commercial real estate segment. Certainly, one could invest favourably now, depending on the region. But whether one can also generate good returns in the near future is rather doubtful.

Gold as an investment

Where you can still invest money at the moment would be in gold, for example. The demand for gold has recently increased significantly due to the covid crisis. One troy ounce is currently around 1420 euros. This is also quite interesting for small investors, as one can invest in very small quantities here, for example 1 gram at a price of around 45 euros. With both values, however, one must clearly emphasise at this point that it is a snapshot. The prices are subject to constant change, so losses can also occur here from time to time. And if you want to invest in gold, you should not invest when gold has just reached a high again. One advantage of gold, as with real estate, is that it is a value that you can hold in your hands.

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