PhenQ Results 2021 – Phenq Before and After Customer Review

 ‘He introduced me as her ‘JUST Friend’ to his friends’: Eileen Mason, 27, whose boyfriend lost interest in her due to her fat stomach and flabby shape, says a natural weight loss supplement has helped her to get back in shape and make the right decision for herself.

 ●       Eileen Mason, 27, of Maryland, was one of the victim of body shaming due to her big physique.

●       Stress of being getting ignored from her boyfriend left her emotionally broken which impacted her professional and personal life

●       Says product to naturally boost the weight loss process helps her genuinely to be in better shape.

●       Has lost 17 lbs of weight within just two months and is wearing two sizes smaller than her old size. 

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My Phenq Review and Weight Loss Journey 2021 Updated

When Eileen Mason was left heart broken by her boyfriend and lost her long term relationship, she knew she had to take some serious step for herself.

Eileen Mason, 27, of Maryland, became one of the victim of body shaming, when her boyfriend Patrick, 30, dumped her after 3 years of relationship, just because she was not good looking enough because of her big physique.

Eileen, 27, watched as her boyfriend was treating her badly and body shames her whenever he got a chance. She was noticing his changed behavior, but kept silent as she didn’t wanted to lose him. His behavior was making Eileen emotionally shattered and depressed, but it was the final decision of breakup from his side that she wasn’t prepared for.

IT supervisor Eileen told us: ‘It was really tough for me to accept Patrick’s behavior, it was devastating and all I could do is to keep silent to save my relationship.’

‘You expect any broken relationship to be a difficult thing to deal with, especially when you are madly in love with the person, but I didn’t expect that my fat body will have so much impact on our love life.’

‘The anxiety of being dumped and taken for granted was leading me towards depression. It was something that I have never been encountered. Being so much occupied with my work responsibilities and satisfaction with my relationship with Patrick, I could hardly imagine anything like that.’

‘Within just few weeks we went from having a happy relationship to going for depressing evenings and heart breaking comments. It was clearly showing from Patrick’s behavior that he wanted to keep distance with me.’

‘Desperate to regain his lost love and spark in our relationship I planned to gift him getaway trip tickets as a surprise, but in turn he burst up and left me forever.’

After feeling insulted by Patrick’s reaction, Eileen decided to do something serious for her body and she scoured the internet for possible solutions and eventually stopped across a new supplement.

‘Initially I tried to talk to Patrick and solve the problems between us, but deep down I knew that it wouldn’t be of any help. His behavior for making me feel the most unattractive woman, who is not worth to love.’

‘Patrick wasn’t ready to make things better. The last nail of the hammer was when he introduced me as her ‘Just Friend’ to his friend, because he don’t want to get seen with someone big like me’.

‘This was a big hit for my self-esteem and I convinced myself to take this break up as a turning point of my life. I decided to try a product called PhenQ, a natural weight loss supplement that helps in suppressing appetite and losing weight. In fact, it was better than I have ever expected.’

Makers of the product claim that it can boost the weight loss process and helps in banishing fat because it is an outstanding combination of different organic and active ingredients which play a major part in accelerating the weight loss process such as, Nopal, Caffeine, Capsicum Extract and others.

The target market is both men and women that falls under the age category of over 18 to under 60 years and have already given up hope to lose weight even after trying different diets and weight loss pills.

Eileen said, ‘Losing Patrick was devastating and the worry of living without him and how will I cope with this insult of getting dumped for impacting every aspect of my life.’

‘I was low in confidence, stress and totally lost, which had a negative impact on my professional life as well, especially my work focus was badly impacted and I was totally not in a great state of mind.’

She added that she suspects she may have reacted differently to the breakup had she been perfectly in shape and with slimmer physique.

‘After hitting with the tough remarks of Patrick, I definitely noticed that there is something changing in our relationship. I tried more towards making him happy, but all I got in return is more stress and bashing comments.’

‘This simply didn’t happen if I have been skinnier or slimmer girl. Since I have been taking PhenQ, I definitely have more energy, better focus and lesser appetite than before. I am feeling lighter than my older self and feeling much happier than before.’

‘This also meant that I spend more time to improve my own appearance and personality and treating my body with the love it should be.’

Besides losing 17 lbs of weight in two months, I have also gained a hold of my emotional levels and now I know how important is to get the reciprocated love from your partner.

‘I weight now what I did few years back,’ she said. ‘I feel sexier, fitter, and in shape than I have in a long time. I have found a new healthier version of myself.’

‘It’s also meant that now I can choose my love partner wisely and shouldn’t be unfair to my own individuality.’

Besides accelerating weight loss, the clinical trials of PhenQ have suggested that taking 2 capsules of PhenQ each morning for a month, showed a reduction in appetite and boosted the confidence and motivation in the users.

They work by stopping the fat production in the body which makes it easier for body to use the stored fat as energy and thus helping in losing unwanted fat.

Overall body weight was reduced by 2-5 kg in different individual, with the increase in metabolism and suppression in appetite.

The makers claim that it has the capacity of burning stored fat as well as of controlling hunger, making the observance of a calorie restricted nutritional regimen easier without the risk of feeling low in energy.

It also improves the mood so that the user can perform at their best in workouts to gain the maximum fat loss results in minimum time.


What’s in PhenQ and how does it claim to work?

PhenQ contains naturally occurring weight loss ingredients along with active weight loss ingredient A-Lacys Reset.

A-Lacys Reset is the powerful ingredient of PhenQ which is a potent combination of two strong and synergistic weight loss compounds that are known as LYS and CYS.  These highly active compounds perform their work by neutralizing and balancing the production along with free radicals. These compounds activate the metabolism and speed it up naturally which makes it one of the most significant components of PhenQ pills for effective weight loss. It also helps in increasing the muscle mass of the body along with triggering fat burning process for faster weight loss. It also helps in improve the levels of energy, reduce the stress, improves the mood, and lessen the recovery time needed for workouts and injuries.

Nopal is also included in the PhenQ formulation as it is one of the richest source of fiber. It is obtained from cactus plant and has been used in a variety of medicines. It helps in treating constipation issue among the users to ensure that the consumer should have normal and proper bowel movements regularly. It also helps in feeling you full, so you would not lead to take extra calories with more food, which eventually helps in your weight loss journey. It also helps in dealing with water retention by eliminating additional fluids from the body. It helps in keeping you productive and active most of the time with better energy levels.

Calcium Carbonate is one of the compounds that aim to burn the excess fat. It helps in feeling you being nourished and full and thus signaling your brain that the body doesn’t need the consumption of more food. This will help the body in using body’s stored fat in the form of energy and thus works towards higher weight reduction.

Caffeine Anhydrous is a popular ingredient to use in the weight loss pills and drinks. It is completely organic component of PhenQ that aims to elevate the product’s potency. It contains a very high concentration of caffeine which helps in escalating energy levels with mental alertness while suppressing appetite.

L-Carnitine Fumarate is a well-known amino acid in PhenQ which aids in developing energy within your overall body. This specific amino acid helps in supplementation during the process of converting stored fats into necessary energy for the body. This ingredient is naturally found in green vegetables, avocados and dairy products.

The mineral Chromium Picolinate is naturally found in meats, whole grains and vegetables and is an effective compounds in regulating the carbs cravings along with sugar needs. This ingredient in PhenQ helps in balancing the sugar in the blood, which is one of the few biggest reasons for increasing weight. This aids in keeping the sweet cravings under control and supports the conversion of stored sugars and carbohydrates into body energy.

In addition, PhenQ also contain Capsicum extract that increases the efficacy of the pill to burn more fats with the help of the thermogenesis process. Capsicum extract in PhenQ pills features a powerful blend of Vitamin B6, caffeine and Piperine. It effectively turns the heat of the body to enhance the processes of metabolism, which in turn causes acceleration in fat burning along with other metabolic mechanisms.

Niacin powder is an essential and rich Vitamin B source, which also turns food into vital energy. It is present in PhenQ because of its ability for discouraging and stopping fat storage in the body, which helps in maintaining your calorie controlled diet without losing your energy.

Piperine extract is also like Capsicum extract due to its ability to boost thermogenic properties. This ingredient is mainly found in black peppers, which helps in stopping the formation of fat cells in your body.

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