How Touch of Pastels Is Redefining MakeUp

Not a very long ago, the makeup and beauty business in India was almost non-existent. Few beauty parlors dominated the industry with no infrastructure for supporting complex beauty techniques and were mostly confined to threading, upper lips, and waxing. The men had no idea that they could use some great methods to improve their skin quality.

In the 1990s, India’s families were strictly against their daughters from entering beauty parlors. The Indian society was not open enough to see a woman with makeup and wearing stylish clothes. A senior lady in their family accompanied the women who entered such parlors. The Indian families linked beauty and makeup to the only occasion of marriage. The idea of unisex salons or beauty parlors was treated as a sin and entirely against society’s norms, and since then, the mindset has changed, and the families have more liberal. Thus, the size of the Indian beauty market has crossed over the US $16.2 billion.

The 1990s of India was dominated by domestic products which focused only on skin whitening and keeping it healthy and nourished. The few names which any Indian who lived through the 1990s will remember are Cuticura, Nyle shampoo, LR lip gloss, Jolen bleach, and Vicco turmeric. The time has changed since then. Almost all global beauty products in India are well within reach through online shopping and are even available locally in malls and dedicated cosmetic stores.

In today’s time, women now are free and independent to choose what they wear and how they look, though there are some social constraints in India, but broadly, the market has opened and is poised to scale new heights.

On this occasion of celebrating the beauty of Indian women, we interviewed Garima Malhotra of Touch of Pastels. A leading beauty entrepreneur and India’s one of the best makeup artists. She is known for her outstanding work.

Q: So tell us more about Touch of Pastels?

A: As the brand name says for itself, it adds color to both the appearance and the individual’s life. We all know the makeup is temporary, but the confidence it adds to people’s lives is permanent. You may wear good clothes, but still, if you are not carrying the look which matches the occasion, it will be a spoiler. When you see a box of pastels, you see different shades of colors. Hence, we serve people from every sphere of life.

Touch of Pastels is setting up its makeup academies and salons that will carry unique flavors. Each of us has the right to look good, and Touch of Pastels focuses on producing multi-talented students who can add confidence in their clients’ lives.

Q: What brought you into this industry?

You may call it luck or the power of the subconscious mind. I was a student of mass communication, but I always had the tilt towards beauty. In the 1990s in India, many of us never had the chance of taking the beauty business as a career. It was only in the early 2000s that people started taking appearance seriously. We only looked upon female actresses as the most beautiful and visually appealing individuals. Still, with this rapid change happening around us, almost anybody can look as gorgeous as an actor, and it is something that anybody can afford.

Q: Garima Malhotra is the best makeup artist in India and an entrepreneur. How does it feel?

Success is just starting, and I am glad to be born in an era when more women entrepreneurs grab the limelight. There is a lot that has to be achieved. The mission is to open academies and add more company-owned salons and expand through franchisees.

Q: Do you have access to the capital to make all this happen?

Yes, we are in talks with a few of the venture debt funds, and soon we will be offering our tokenized equity to the investors in the US. We have started from India, but the mission is to take Touch of Pastels or the TOP global. We are targeting to raise the US $10 million, which will suffice our requirement for 2-3 years.

Q: Will you also launch your product range?

Yes, it is a great way to reach your fans and offer them a product you genuinely feel and believe in. We wish to have products for all categories of people, but even the entry-level products will have the same quality as the high-priced product. We are in talks with few manufacturers, and some of the product formulations are being done under the supervision of expert dermatologists.

Reach Garima Malhotra or check her portfolio.


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Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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