How to Produce Music without spending money using your phone or tablet

Many musicians spend a lot of time visiting studios recording their audios. Besides, there are times when we lose access to the studios or cannot commute to our favorite places. Luckily, we do have technological advancements to help us produce Music and keep them safe with it. Music making apps are nowadays reasonably sufficient to make your Music and record it efficiently.

Now the artists no longer need to convince the producers for recording or ask fellow musicians to play or rent any studio to start recording the song. With these applications, you can record multiple tracks, create varied beats, and can share your music on various online platforms like Soundcloud, YouTube from the application itself.

Nowadays, music production is shifting to the home studios as people can create music from their bedroom, study room, etc. Let’s have a look at below steps that you can consider if you are recording from your home itself:

  1. Recording Process: The step involves recording every instrument separately and then combining them in a mix. Here a single man can also handle this stop which  used to involve musicians and engineers before. A track is created in this step to follow, following by recording of rhythm, harmonies and melodies.
  2. Editing: It doesn’t matter how much experience you owe, the requirement of cleaning is always there. The music editing requires comping, arrangement, time editing, noise reduction and pitch editing.
  3. Mixing: Your next goal is to start mixing and blend all elements of your music in a cohesive unit.
  4. Mastering Process: The last step includes maximizing loudness, balancing frequencies and stereo widening.  Once you find everything perfect your track can be converted into a perfect bit depth or sample rate.

Some of the applications used for creating Music are:

FL Studio App:

The application works as a synthesizer and allows you to create pretty intuitive sounds. Sounds can be differentiated between synth instruments and batteries, and then you can synchronize them with multiple effects. With the app’s help, you can save and create multi-task projects from your tablet or Android Phone. The application allows you to render, edit, sequence, record, and mix complete songs. FL Studio is free to use but also includes in-app purchases for buying sample library content. You can also load your Music, and then you do not need to purchase anything if you can create one of your own.

Caustic 3:

Caustic 3 is a rack that can combine samplers and synthesizers for creating your songs. The application features are optimized according to real-time. The users can add various equipment, analog synthesizer, drums machine samplings, etc., in the rack to use while creating your songs. The application supports the automation for most controls and includes powerful editors to modify various recorded automation curves.

RD4 Groovebox:

The application can stimulate beatbox and synthesizer. It is pretty ideal for performing and composing electronic music on-the-go, inclusive of all functions expected from any good music app, like creating beats and different synthesizer modes. The app allows turning the tablet or phone into a musical instrument, and you can arrange and compose your Music in real-time.

RD4 Groovebox is a multi-touch app and is quite simple to invent musical phrases and unique loops. The synthesizers’ sound can be manipulated by tweaking the audio envelops, oscillators, and resonant filters. The app is best for beginners and experienced musicians.

Beat Snap:

If you are looking for one of the apps that can create Music for a complete song, the Beat Snap is one of the best options, and the app is relatively easy to use and is entirely free to download. The app can help fix the drama and beats and help arrange the Music in just 30 minutes. The installation is easy and does not consist of many functions to deal with. The app is inclusive of a step sequencer for composing Music with creatives. There are about six live controllable FX for shaping the sounds up. The metronome, loop sequences, and sixteen responsive pads are available.


The musicians who are quite interested in composing music grooves and remixing the MixPads can be your first option. For the sound makers, the app is simple and easy to collect DJ sounds and remixes. There are original music loops with about 30 drum pads. The users can explore the reverse effect and produce rhythm with the help of finger drumming. With the MixPads app, you can also record your voice and mix it up with other audio tracks.

Audio Evolution Mobile:

The app is fantastic as it allows you to capture sound from various external instruments, play and modify with many different tools for the app, and create magnetic loops for mixing other tracks. The app is best for music creation, editing and mixing, and a full-fledged virtual place for music productions. Whether you tend to record with just an internal mic or with a multi-channel USB or MIDI interface, the app is well versed in helping with the best of its versions. With the application, you can export your Music directly to your device or share it with other social networks.

Once created users can also export their music to various social media platforms and market their music with various apps like Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

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