Enjoy Desert Drive with Giti Tires

Giti Tres is excited to announce its partnership with the Giti Gazelles off-road driving team that includes numerous communities and driving support activities. In the first 6 months of the year, they have headed different events including Aicha des Gazelles desert rally. From May 14 to 29, 1t was organized in Morocco. The rally is the original women only off-road rally raid and the only one with ISO-14001 environmental accreditation.

Giti tires all female racing team. The team of the Giti Gazelles have brought together beloved vehicle named Priscilla seasoned and passionate driving veteran Helen Tait Wright and trained navigator Sue Aleman. Helen raised up on a farm in England and has spent most of her life time in the design world. We know her as an expert car fanatic and she loves wheel. It is her favorite place to be there all the time.

Giti Dakar Rally Recap 2019

About Giti Tire Group

The headquarter is in Singapore and this group has its roots in the tire business decades ago. Yes, the group has been working since 1951 and it is now one of the largest tire companies across the world. Giti Tires manufactures a wide range of tire products, tire dealers, motorsports teams, auto-service outlets, vehicle equipment and manufacturing and many more. They send their products in 130 countries in the world. It is amazing since the organization contains 8 production centers in three countries including a newly opened tire factory in the South Carolina in United States.

Moreover, it is a wide network that is working and dealing in the motorparts. This is the group that does not want to leave carbon footprints. Therefore, they use to produce products in the eco-friendly way. It is great to go with the green production. They use to do community efforts including taking part in local environmental and education efforts to produce a better society. It is essential to work for carbon capture since carbon dioxide is destructive to the environment because of a few reasons. Nursery gasses offer far-running wellbeing and ecological impacts. It causes environmental change by heat-catching, and it adds to a few respiratory illnesses, air contamination, and brown haze.

The Group is on the way to power our operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025 as part of their goal to gain net zero carbon by 20140. They have reached 42% renewable energy across their business.

They organize events to motivate people and other government to inform people about the importance of a pollution-free environment. Therefore, these points were raised in the event to highlight the importance of Biodiversity. Healthy biodiversity offers several natural services for humans.

  1. Protection of water resources
  2. Soils formation and protection
  3. Nutrient storage and recycling
  4. Pollution breakdown and absorption
  5. Contribution to climate stability
  6. Maintenance of ecosystems
  7. Ecosystem Services
  8. Recovery from unpredictable events

The environment safety is all about the biological resources, and the issues related to it are raised in the event.

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