Label manufacturers gain 10X competitive advantage by investing in end-to-end labeling and packaging MIS/MES software

Miami, FL. (March 10, 2021)

HiFlow Solutions, with international offices in Miami, FL, offers software development experts in MIS (Management Information System) & MES (Manufacturing Execution System). With an understanding of the label and packaging industries, the HiFlow team developed software that caters to individual label producers who need the latest in end-to-end technological solutions to gain an edge in today’s competitive labels market.

In labels and flexographic printing, a revolution is going on. Labels, and certain sectors in packaging, have experienced a period of growth in 2020. In addition, the pandemic has emphasized the need for technology to optimize business processes and practices. In the 2020s, label companies will likely move toward a ‘lean labeling’ concept, and a shift to a more secure and efficient supply chain and workflow. In other words, automation.

Furthermore, producing labels for the pharmaceutical sector is trickier and specific. Due to the nature of pharmaceutical, and cosmetics manufacturing as well, production validation impacts every process and component of production–including machines, systems, equipment, and computer systems. A large part of the validation and compliance process is in the documentation – there needs to be integrated support for documentation with complete clarity and traceability. A comprehensive MIS with functionality for labels can accomplish this.

HiFlow solutions understands the packaging and label industries incredibly well (our very first customers were label companies), and HiFlow’s development team members have specific experience working in industry plants, and have managed the needs of over 100 packaging, label, flexo and commercial printers in the last 22 years.  During this time, the companies they have served have benefited from HiFlow’s consultation on all aspects of their business–from their expansion, modernization, production to storage, warehousing, and logistics. With HiFlow’s software solutions, companies have experienced substantially increased efficiency, productivity, and overall better workflow. Find out more about how packaging companies have benefited with case studies:

What an advanced MIS/MES does:

  • Creates visibility over label lifecycle management
  • Connect all departments with information about jobs
  • Increases label production speed with automation
  • Allows a one platform, optimized system for labels
  • Digitally transforms your labeling processes to accelerate growth
  • Utilizes all information from machines and shop floor with MES tools

HiFlow’s label printing software solutions are developed with state-of-the-art Microsoft technology and Sequel servers and employs AI in its software.  These software solutions enable an integrated and systematic workflow and allow the flexibility required by label printers to work efficiently, improve customer service and communications and an overall improved production quality.

HiFlow’s printing and packaging consultants will ensure that the solution is customized to your individual organization, providing any necessary development services, so that you receive what you need.

Gain a competitive advantage by investing in end-to-end labeling and packaging MIS software designed for label manufacturers. HiFlow Solutions. Find out more about HiFlow Solutions.

About HiFlow Solutions

HiFlow Solutions MIS software is an end-to-end management information system with comprehensive tools that automate packaging workflow and business processes so companies can compete more effectively in the marketplace, maintain faster and leaner production times, and increase margins of profit. HiFlow’s comprehensive tools and features increase speed, reduce wasted time, and facilitate connectivity in production workflow and business operations.

HiFlow Solutions MIS and MES HiFlow’s MIS technology solutions will propel your packaging/label company into the heart of the 2020s by streamlining business and plant operations in your packaging, label, flex-pack, or commercial plant with advanced features to help packaging manufacturers automate workflow and gain total visibility and control of their business processes.

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