How To Start A White Label Brokerage: Your First Stepsׁ

The advantages of a wֱhite label brokerage

Because your investment is limited to the white label software license for the selected trading platform, you will be able to get started without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive trading platform integration. It’s also true that with a WL brokerage, you need to customize the trading platform to provide your customers with the desired experience. That’s not the case with full-fledged brokerages that handle thousands of traders. White label brokers have the potential to improve the efficiency and offer better pricing compared to the full-fledged brokerage firms. Even though the initial investment for WL brokerage is much lower than for a traditional brokerage, the payback period is not as long as you would expect.

What is a White Label Brokerage

A white label brokerage is a brokerage company that has partnered with a new business platform to develop the trading software. In other words, the company has developed a customized platform that is available to everyone. Usually, it is possible to become an independent software developer and create your own platform. But, you have to think about a number of factors before going ahead and launching your own platform. Here are some important aspects that are closely related to the white label brokerage model: All the new traders joining the trading room are bound to the white label’s trading platform. They don’t have the liberty of developing their own. There is no competition between the white label’s service and the portal.

Why White Label

First of all, there are two very important things to look out for when starting a WL brokerage: freedom and money. The same setup and technology you can use to operate your trading company are also used to make money as a WL company. That’s right: with WL you are not limited to only serving traders, you can use the same code you use for trading to make money! You can make money from trading, by reselling your platform, by hosting and selling content on it, or simply by charging a one-time subscription fee. You can consider WL as the free version of your own trading platform: you use their system but you control the pricing and development choices. 

Forex Brokerage Regulation

There are many differences in the regulation of the forex brokerages. However, when it comes to selecting the best forex brokerages, it is very important to consider all the factors that have to do with the forex brokerages. Choose the Best Forex Brokerage When choosing the best forex brokerage, one thing is very important that you consider to not go wrong with the choice. You will find the best forex brokerages for your investments by simply focusing on the following factors: Banking stability You want to make sure that the bank which you choose can help you to save. The bank which can help you save can include the free-exchange arbitrage brokers or the white label forex brokers.

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