6 things you should know about online gambling in Spain 

Have you ever wondered what makes Spain such a unique and interesting country? Maybe it’s the Mediterranean Sea with its crystal-clear water, the culturally rich cities that attract visitors from around the world like a magnet, the breathtaking landscapes, the exceptional food or the local fiestas that create a lively and charming vibe. We believe all of these aspects play an important role in making Spain one of the most fascinating countries in the world. 

But that’s not all Spain has to offer. Apart from the sea, sun and fiesta fun, Spain is also known for being a gambler’s paradise. Spaniards are very fond of gambling, and with the advent of online casinos, the gambling industry in Spain has truly flourished. So, let’s take a look at the online casino environment in Spain and find out what this beautiful country has to offer in terms of gambling opportunities. 

Online gambling in Spain is legal 

Spain has a long and rich gambling history that would take ages to recount. Even before online casinos became a thing, people enjoyed playing casino games at traditional establishments. Then online casinos started popping up left and right leaving players confused about what is legal and what is not. Sports betting was heavily restricted, with only a limited number of providers allowed to operate on the market. Needless to say, navigating the gambling environment wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.  

But the confusion cleared up when the country passed the Gambling Act in 2011. The Gambling Act established the online casino laws and regulations in Spain and set the standards and guidelines for gambling in general. That gave rise to a growing number of online operators offering a wide variety of online casino games for all tastes and likes. People become more interested in online gambling, knowing it’s a safe and legal activity they can enjoy any time they want. 

Online slots and lotteries are all the rage 

There’s no denying that Spain has an impressive array of online casino games that players can choose from, depending on their personal preferences. But not all of them are as popular. Spaniards have very specific tastes when it comes to online gambling, and according to the latest reports, slots and lotteries are the two games that players in Spain enjoy the most. 

The state lottery in Spain is incredibly popular, with tournaments being held throughout the year and thousands of tickets being sold online and at betting establishments. Online slot games also offer a great entertainment option for gamblers, since slots are easy to play and they come in a great variety of styles, one more interesting than the next. Apart from that, online slot games in Spain also provide substantial wins, which makes them even more appealing.  

Online casinos are regulated by the DGOJ

The central gaming authority in Spain is called Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego or DGOJ and it supervises all gambling activities across the country, both in the online and the offline environments. The regulator has the ability to issue licenses for online and offline casinos or suspend them if the operator doesn’t comply with the rules and regulations in the sector. 

Since the Gambling Act was adopted in 2011, DGOJ has been issuing licenses to casino providers that meet the standards in the industry, but they’ve also been keeping a close eye on the casino sites that don’t follow the mandatory rules. Apparently, the regulations they’ve set in place brought positive results, as the online gambling market in Spain has been growing steadily over the past few years. 

Bonuses and free bets make gambling more fun 

The legalization of online gambling in Spain marked a new era for the casino industry. It wasn’t until online casinos became regulated that players truly understood the perks of online gambling. In order to attract players to the digital realm and make them stick around, online casino operators started offering very generous bonuses and free bets. 

Gambles who enjoy playing slots are probably the most fortunate, as online casinos give out free spins and plenty of other bonuses to keep everyone entertained. Many reputable providers like Slots Gratis offer amazing slot games with plenty of bonuses to go around. What’s more, casinos don’t give out these bonuses only when someone registers with them. Most providers offer bonuses each time a player makes a deposit or to reward them for their loyalty. 

Mobile gambling is on the rise 

It’s pretty clear by now that people in Spain love online gambling. But online casino games are evolving into something new. The growing popularity of mobile devices has also led to an increase in mobile gambling. There are over 20 million people engaging in online gambling activities in Spain and almost half of them choose to play casino games on their mobile devices. 

That shows just how popular mobile gambling has become lately. Mobile gambling is convenient, simple and extremely fun. It’s no wonder so many people leave their laptops and PCs in favor of smartphones and tablets. Players can enjoy their favorite casino games anytime anywhere, with just a few quick taps. As the time passes, experts believe that even more players will rely on their mobile devices to play all sorts of casino games. 

The government supports online gambling 

But online gambling is not a profitable activity only for players. Spanish authorities are well aware of how lucrative the sector is and they do their part in supporting online gambling. They do that by providing operators with the necessary licenses, fair tax rates and a proper business landscape for all parties involved. The gambling market in Spain is currently valued at more than 500 euros and revenues are expected to increase with each passing year. Although there’s still a lot of room for growth and improvement, we can safely say that Spain’s gambling environment is on the right track. 

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