Woody Harrelson Inks Deal to Star in Director Oren Moverman’s World War II Film “The Man With the Miraculous Hands”

It’s been a while since we’ve had a major motion picture that has used World War II as a backdrop. They used to be more common and some of the best examples – Summer of ’42, Hope and Glory, The English Patient and The Cider House Rules – represent some of the very best that cinema has to offer, regardless of the era. So it was with a light heart and a grateful smile indeed that ye olde scribbler of words feasted upon the news from our Victory Garden allies over at Variety that a brand-spankin’ new film called The Man With the Miraculous Hands which relies heavily on that tumultuous period of time is forthcoming with actor Woody Harrelson (No Country For Old Men) set to star.

 Written and directed by Oren Moverman (The Dinner, Time Out of Mind), The Man With the Miraculous Hands is being billed as a psychological thriller about a man named Felix Kersten (played by Harrelson) who is a Finnish medical expert dragged into the inner sanctum of notorious Nazi Heinrich Himmler as not only his physician, but also his prisoner. The film itself is being adapted from the Joseph Kessel novel The Man With the Miraculous Hands: The Fantastic Story of Felix Kersten, Himmler’s Private Doctor.

 This latest project marks the third time that Harrelson and Moverman have collaborated on a film project: The two previously worked together on Rampart and The Messenger.

 “Even seventy years on after the end of the conflict, the Second World War still manages to reveal some of the most deeply moving untold stories of those who managed to triumph against adversity,” said producer of the new film Eric Jehelmann in a press release announcing Harrelson’s casting in The Man With the Miraculous Hands. Jehelmann added that Kessel’s novel “sheds new light on the end of the war.”

 The Man With the Miraculous Hands is shuttling to the big screen courtesy of production house Jerico Films which is a division of the Vendome Group of Coda fame.

No production start date to announce for the project as of yet, let alone a release date, but you can bet your local neighborhood paper drive that just as soon as we have more information on The Man With the Miraculous Hands we’ll express V-Mail you all of the latest!

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