Top casino gambling strategies, according to a Japanese casino blog

Even if some people play casino games for entertainment, most do it to win money. Ever since casinos existed, players have always searched for ways to use strategies and systems to improve their experience and boost their winning chances. It’s basic human nature to want to improve your skills and win. Logically, you don’t want to risk your money without knowing there is a great chance to win. 

Because you’re not the only one who thought about developing a strategy to help them grow their winning chances, there are many tactics and systems you can inspire from. Some of them are famous worldwide, and gamblers use them every time they play at an online or offline casino. But some are specific to a geographical region like Japan because they work only for a limited number of games. With the online casino market gaining more popularity, it’s understandable everyone wants to find out how to turn the odds in their favour. 

This article covers some successful systems and strategies to improve your chances in a casino like Vera and John. But before diving into explanations, we must understand what systems and strategies are, and if there is any difference between them. 

Are systems and strategies different?

In the casino world, the terms strategy and systems are often used interchangeably. There are no clear definitions for the terms, so most people interpret how they find it right. Some players think strategies and systems are the same things, but others view them as separate things. 

However, the dictionary proposes two general definitions

– A strategy is a plan of action created to achieve a goal

– A system is a set of principles according to which something is completed. 

The definition of strategy is similar to the meaning gamblers offer when they play in a Japanese online casino. They don’t’ associate it with a set of rules but with an approach that allows them to improve their winning chances. 

The system is a fixed set of rules they follow in order to win. However, as you can expect, the system isn’t simple because not everyone uses the terms with these two meanings. Basic strategies tell you what to do based on the situation you find yourself in. It doesn’t leave you room for individual thought. The system, on the other hand, implies following multiple steps and rules.

However, it doesn’t matter if you use the term system or strategy, as long as you understand what the tactic implies and use it to your advantage. 

Bet maximum 2% of your bankroll

Beginner players register on an online casino and bet all the cash they have in their bankroll because they want to maximise their winning chances. On the other hand, a pro would only bet less than 2% of their bankroll because they know that with casino games, there’s always the chance to lose. This seems harsh in theory, but in fact, it’s the best strategy to stay in the game and enjoy winning. It prevents the player from running out of money and keeps them in the game until they understand the rules and can use them in their favour. A Japanese casino blog would recommend both professional and serious casino gamblers to do this to minimise the short-term risk.        

This strategy works for most casino games, from poker to blackjack and slots, because it takes time to learn how to play them. 

Take the odds

If you play craps on a website like Vera and John, you start each sequence of rolls with a came out roll. The game allows you to bet on the pass or don’t pass line. After one roll, the point is set, and you can place the special wager, also called an odds bet. When you play in a land-based casino, you’ll notice that there is no marked place on the table. But reliable resources like the vera and john casino blog recommend sliding your bet out behind the pass line or don’t pass line and announce you want the odds.             

Casinos usually offer odds bet at true odds of zero. So, when you notice that the house edge is zero, place the odds bets. 

Slow down when you play slots

It’s easy to get excited when you play slots and bet all your money. And if you play slots online, they can quickly catch your attention because they usually come up with a story that asks you to pay more if you want to find out what happens. Also, slot games have some of the highest house edges you can find in the gambling sector. It’s entertaining to play slots in a Japanese online casino because you can play over 300 spins per hour. 

But as you can imagine, when you combine a huge house edge with making 300 decisions per hour, you can get involved in one of the worst possible scenarios in the gambling world. There are no strategies to increase your winning chances or help you trick the slot machine in the long run, but you can take some time to slow down your play and understand the rules of the game. Also, when you play fewer games per hour, your bankroll supports more hours of play. 

Bluff less

If you’re a passionate poker gambler bluffing is part of your strategy. It doesn’t matter what poker variant you prefer; you do it because you think this is the right way to increase your winning odds. But pros state that it’s best to bluff less if you want to boost your winning chances. Movies set the wrong impression that players are always bluffing, but the truth is that experts are doing it occasionally. 

The best strategy is to bluff half the time you do it now if you want to improve your chances in the future. You’ll find that this strategy makes you win more and lose less money. 

Gambling strategies don’t guarantee you that you’ll make a profit but help you improve your skills and spice up your casino sessions. 

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