Progressive Jackpots – What Are They and How They Work

When slot machines became ordinary for the first time, the prizes used to be in the form of flavored gums. The initial fruit slots were actually used to dispense fruity prizes rather than coins. Back then, the best you could hope for was getting your chosen flavor. 

Things are different now. Top payouts from online slot games are in the vicinity 8 -figure sums and a sure way to win such life-changing money from slot games is by playing progressive slots. 

But what are they? Progressive jackpots are what they sound like – a prize that increases every time you play a slot game. The best part? It will keep on rising until a lucky player wins it. 

With progressive online slot games, only a small percentage of every qualifying wager goes to the Jackpot. What makes it exciting is that you can either win at random or navigate a special bonus game. Not to mention the prizes that can be won simply rival those located in your state lottery. 

Overview on Slot Machines 

Slots as we know them are divided into two main categories – slots with and without Jackpot.

Jackpot slots are subdivided into those with “fixed jackpots” and those with” progressive jackpots.”

When we talk about jackpots, we indicate a certain amount of money to win, which can depend on the game you play. That prize is meant to be won, sooner or later, by one or more players. Typically, it is a few times higher than a usual win that a gambler can hit.

Sometimes, hard hitters are set to comply with stringent rules if they plan to compete for the Jackpot, like betting on the biggest stake or related things.

Fixed vs. Progressive Jackpots 

Jackpots are typically divided into two big categories, Progressive and Classic. Of course, there are several differences between them, and when you opt for one rather than another, you allow your instincts to guide you.

What’s notable about progressive jackpots is that they grow little by little. You can win at any time, regardless of the moment and symbols of the game – the moment a combination of symbols and numbers randomly land on the screen.

The combination is independent of the amount the slots have made until that moment or how many players have played at it. To be more precise, the longer it takes before you win the award, the higher the price it will be. Most progressive and popular casino games in Japan are truly life changers.

Unlike progressive games, normal or classic ones are a fixed amount of money. With progressive games, the higher the stake I, the higher the Jackpot will be.

The likelihood of winning one or more than a single one depends on the volume of gam matches played as well the amount of the prize bet by network players. The greater the number of players who play at the same machine, the higher the chances of hitting a Jackpot.

Normal jackpots are usually more than one for a single match. There could be more than four. But what pushed players to go for the classic games rather than progressive is completely subjective.

Progressive Jackpot Win Strategies and Mechanics 

After your first, third, or fourth spin, a set of random numbers is chosen. If you’ve got the right algorithm, the Jackpot is yours to take. However, there is a range of ways you can win a progressive jackpot:

Playing the Maximum Stake 

  • Most online progressive slots allow you to win a jackpot if you bet the top stakes available. The thing is, lots of progressive games offer a few levels of Jackpot that cater to lower-stakes gamblers.
  • High-stakes progressive slots, on the other hand, work by awarding players with tickets when they spin the reels. The more they bet, the more tickets they earn. If one of the tickets happens to match the algorithm after a spin, you win the big Jackpot.

Randomly Winning 

  • You can basically hit the Jackpot after any spin. That means you won’t necessarily have to hit special symbols or play special bonus games. Some online casinos provide players with free casino game; however, you may still have to bet the maximum amount in order to qualify.  

Hit the Lucky Symbol Combination 

  • To win this progressive Jackpot, you have to be lucky enough to line up certain symbols on a designed payline. For instance, the Jackpot may trigger when you line up five symbols on the 15th payline. All you have to do is play and get the right combination to hit your Jackpot.

Bonus Games – All-Time High 

  • Progressive game slots feature special bonus rounds that can be triggered during the base game. In order to determine your jackpot size or choose cards from a selection accessible on the screen, you may have to spin a prize wheel. If you’ve managed to match more than four cards, you can win the corresponding jackpot prize.

How Big Can Progressive Jackpots Get?

Typically, progressive slots can reach an eye-watering level if a top prize goes unclaimed. The truth is, the more accessible a slot machine is, the greater the potential for large jackpots.

Oftentimes, progressive jackpots that haven’t been won for a long time will attract everyone’s attention. It’s normal for jackpots to increase faster as they do unclaimed.

So far, one of the biggest progressive jackpots was won by an anonymous player, who bet 45 cents, and less than 50 spins later, he won the Jackpot of £22.3 million in September 2018.

Where to find one? Most online casino platforms set out their slots type. For instance, a casino plugin might showcase a separate “jackpot slots” section where you can find progressive jackpot slots in one place.

Online casino platforms should display the current jackpot meter for reliable games in their lobby. In doing so, it gets easier for you to play the games that have the biggest jackpots at any time.

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