Jack Pullen – A 11 years old Motocross-Rider that takes his future in his own hands

What comes to mind when you think of an 11-year-old? Probably nothing out of the ordinary. Most people think of children’s birthdays, going to the cinema, chilling out with friends and maybe even a Playstation. Things that most children love in their everyday lives.

Jack Pullen is different when it comes to these things! Already at the age of 7 the motocross-youngster has started to dedicate his life to the motocross world. He trains day in and day out and was always supported by his family. His father has always inspired him, Jack tells us. He was introduced by him  to the world of sports for the first time and even more importantly to the world of motocross.

Everybody probably knows the quote , “So the Father so the Son. ” Jack fell in love with racing at an early age. For him, it was much more than just a sport. For him, it was his passion that he wanted to dedicate his life for. He knew the beginning wouldn’t be easy for him. Having a passion is not enough, Jack tells us. Endurance and training are as important as having a passion.

He was coached in South Africa by Andre and in the US by Tyla. Last year, the 11-year-old had podeium places in the USA. This motivated him to continue his career in the US. He tells us that he intends to move his entire residence to the States in the near future.

In previous years, Jack has been crowned regional champion and podiumed in the Africa of Nations events several times. He was allowed to represent his native country South Africa. He specialized himself  in the 65cc and 85cc classes.

Jack is, but not only on the roads, an absolute Overrunner. The 11-year-old from South Africa is also well known on social media. Jack has more than 39 thousand followers from all over the world on Instagram. More than 9 thousand people follow him on Facebook. For him it has always been something very special to share his personal journey with other people.

In addition, the motocross-youngster runs his own blog, where he shares his experiences around the world. Jake’s plans for the near future are also crystal clear. He wants to move to Florida later this year and dedicate himself entirely to motocrossing.

Will it be easy? Clearly not, thinks Jake! But he tells us with a confident smile that it was not the successes, but the painful experiences that made him stronger as a person. For him, the next challenge is just a chance to become a better and stronger version of himself.

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