Is Gambling a Part of the Japanese Culture?

Japan may not be famous for gambling and casinos, but somehow, it has become popular in the past decade. In Japan, there are some sports legal to bet at, including powerboat racing, bicycle racing, horse racing, soccer, and motorbike. Most working Japanese people hit the casinos after hours, which has become an immensely popular activity for the Japanese society. 

Japan’s Gambling Culture

Certainly, the online gambling in Japan has seen a rise, like many other countries across the world. Many players sign up for web casinos since they can gamble for major bonuses and prizes, which is also increasing their chance to win. There are many websites aimed to help new players navigate the Japanese casinos. Gambling on smartphones has also risen in popularity. 

In one way or another, gambling has offered entertainment for Japanese people since ancient times. One of the famous old gambling games is called Cho-Han Bakuchi. Nowadays, modern forms of gambling and most casinos seem to be banned in Japan. The only ones that are allowed in the country is sports like cycle racing and horse racing, and online betting websites. But they also might come with restrictions. 

For the past decade, Japanese gambling market has been very strict, but this hasn’t stopped Asia from becoming a major trendsetter in online casino games, despite all the rumors about gambling being banned and hated by the Japanese government and Asian or Japanese people. Tokyo has a famous nightlife – if you want to explore more the online casinos in Japan, such as poker, blackjack, and slot machine games, consider Tokyo. 

What is gambling?

Let’s take a step back and clarify what gambling is. Simply think of it as a way to play games of luck and chance for money. Gambling is a form of entertainment, a relaxing activity, to help people challenge themselves and have fun. This is why it was invented and how it should be seen and understood. 

More and more people are talking about gambling as a bad thing. Indeed, it’s important to gamble responsibly and don’t lose yourself on games of chance. It depends on how you decide to control this activity, because yes, you can control it. It’s all in your mind – in order to avoid transforming this beautiful and fun activity into a nightmare, it’s essential to follow the next tips:

  • Only gamble with money you can afford to spend
  • Think of gambling as an entertainment 
  • Set a time limit 
  • Take regular breaks
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol when gambling
  • Don’t play games of luck and chance when you are upset
  • Balance gambling with other activities 

There you have it – gambling isn’t as bad as you would think or heard if you play it responsibly. 

Why are online casinos popular in Japan?

The Japanese casino and gambling industry is still rising in popularity. The government legalized land-based casinos and maybe some casino games, such as roulette, will get some attention too. Japan is a nation steeped in traditions and cultures, so anything that is new in this country is treated with thought, especially if it’s overseas. But the younger generation are more open minded and this helped the online casino industry to improve. But this activity has always been viewed with extreme caution. 

It goes without saying that Japanese people know how to act when they gamble online. The gambling industry in Japan doesn’t stop to amaze us with its unique trends. The industry has produced a significant amount of the world’s gambling revenue. India and China contributed to this. In Asia, for example, most gambling games are illegal, and those that are allowed are very strict controlled. According to studies, Japan has a great chance of becoming the major gambling market in Asia. The state promotes the gambling industry as an important part of the traveler infrastructure. So, don’t miss your chance of gambling in Japan and win big prizes.

Are online casinos legal in Japan?

Gambling in Japan was officially illegal since 1907. Of course, many illegal casinos have popped up in Japan, and especially in Tokyo since then. But while these casinos would hardly come in contact with police, operators still needed to watch their backs so they wouldn’t get themselves in trouble. It looks like in 2016, out of nowhere, the Japanese government legalized gambling. Those were good news for Japanese people, but unfortunately, travelers to Japan who loved gambling needed to wait longer until they had the permission to play casino games.

Legal games in Japan:

  • Lottery
  • Pachinko
  • Bingo
  • Racing

So, is gambling legal in Japan? The answer is “yes”, but “no.” Although this might sound really confusing to you, there are laws that can ban traditional casinos in Japan, and they’re very strict. But maybe this might not be surprising to you at all. After all, the great news is that when it comes to Japanese casinos, you don’t really need to be literally in Japan to play at slot machines and other casino games. Find out more Japanese gambling information before you explore Japan’s gambling casinos. 

Enjoy playing casino games in Japan

Online casino games are the best opportunity to enjoy a great selection of gambling games, anytime, and without the worry of having to leave from your home. Not to mention about the amazing tournaments with poker games. But, despite the popularity of gambling in Japan, most players have tried this form of entertainment, but they still have questions to ask about it. 

If you’re new to gambling, you might want to follow these tips:

  • Having a good internet connection when gambling is important
  • Choose reliable and safe Japanese websites
  • Check online reviews about websites you want to gamble on
  • Learn the basic rules of each game you want to play
  • Choose the right casino game for you
  • Have fun!

Getting excited about winning at gambling may often make you forget about having fun. Casino games are made for fun, so you should always remember to enjoy your gambling experience, no matter where you are.

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