5 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021

There are over 2 billion online shoppers in the world today. This makes it seem like making sales or engaging customers online is a breeze.

But not so fast. If you want effective online engagement, you need a digital marketing strategy.

But what is digital marketing? Why should I consider online marketing strategies?

In this article, we’ll be answering those questions and more. Read on to find out about digital marketing’s benefits and the reason why it’s so essential in 2021.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is using technology and digital tools to achieve marketing objectives. Specifically, it’s using things like search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads to get more conversions and increase revenue.

Digital marketing strategies rely on technologies and media to get a business’s name out there. These tools include:

  • Search engines
  • Mobile apps
  • Websites
  • Social media pages
  • Digital partnerships
  • Email
  • SMS marketing

This doesn’t mean print and in-person advertising is dead. The key is to integrate these new digital marketing strategies with the old ones.

More and more companies are taking digital marketing seriously. While it sounds enticing to many, the benefits of digital marketing aren’t always clear.   

Challenges of Digital Marketing

Companies have trouble sketching their digital marketing plans from scratch.

Paula from Pixelstorm says “Figuring out who your digital audience is can be slower than you might expect. You also need to find quality leads, not just people who visit your site for a few minutes then leave without an impression. “

To engage the audience, you also need quality content. Whether it’s videos, podcasts, blog posts, or Instagram stories, finding a rhythm with content output can be challenging.

Companies also need to optimise their websites to make sure they load quickly and are user-friendly. There’s nothing that turns customers off more than a clunky homepage.

With all of these challenges, starting your digital marketing journey on the right foot is essential.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why your company needs a digital marketing strategy.  

5 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to track your company’s progress while improving your customer relations. It also optimises your outreach and makes everything much more efficient.

Let’s dive into some specific benefits of online marketing here:

1. Measuring Success

With traditional advertising methods, it can take months to analyse your progress. Judging how well your advertising campaign performed becomes an arduous process filled with unnecessary paperwork.

With digital marketing solutions, you can get progress reports in just a few hours. You can throw in social media analytics to bolster your campaign progress reports.

Measuring things, like leads, conversions, and overall impressions are made much simpler with digital marketing tools. Your company can use this to optimise your strategies as you go.

2. Levelling the Playing Field

If you’re a startup company or a small business, print advertising can feel fruitless. How are you supposed to compete with bigger brands and corporations?

The answer lies in digital marketing. Using Google Ads and SEO trends can help you increase your name recognition in ways that print ads just can’t accomplish.

By adding your own flair, you can create cost-effective ad campaigns that generate strong reactions and flock people to your site. As such, digital marketing strategies are crucial for smaller operations.

3. Reach a Larger Audience

Regardless of the size of your business, you want as many people as possible to know about your company. The internet has billions of impressionable users.

With social media and smartphone usage at an all-time high, using digital marketing tools helps you make valuable impressions at a high capacity.

You can run digital advertisements across platforms (phones, desktops, tablets, etc). Platforms, like Facebook, give you access to a wide range of demographics and age groups.

Simply put, digital marketing provides marketers with an unprecedented level of reach. It lets them connect with customers that are outside of their geographic region.

Speaking of connections…

4. Building Better Relationships

Social media and other online tools provide direct interactions with your customers. Digital marketing strategies give you the ability to engage with clients like never before.

If you want to address a comment or question on your Facebook page, there’s nothing stopping you. You can even respond to negative or positive Google reviews to improve your reputation.

Customers trust businesses willing to engage with their clients. This level of trust does wonders when it comes to word-of-mouth advertising.

5. Greater Revenue

But how does digital marketing affect my bottom line?

Chances are, your revenue will improve once you engage with digital marketing.

Customers who trust your business will spread the word to their friends. Social media and Google ads will generate more conversions. You’ll have a better sense of who your audience is and what they respond to.

This allows you to drive more qualified traffic to your sites and accounts. As more people visit your site, the greater your chances of making a sale.

Digital marketing is a much more cost-effective strategy than traditional advertising. While you need to invest early on, you’ll generate revenue once more traffic begins to roll in.

Find the Optimal Online Marketing Strategy

There’s no questioning that digital marketing is becoming a must for businesses around the world. Whether it’s through SEO or Google Ads, crafting a digital marketing strategy is crucial for your company.  Use this article to understand the benefits of taking up digital marketing and how you can start your own online marketing journey.

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