How To Tell If Aquarium Heater Is Broken?

An Aquarium heater is something that is a prime need of any fish-keeper. The maintenance of optimum temperature around them keeps them grow and live better. Heater plays a vital role in maintaining a proper environment for your fish. This can make your aquarium heaven or hell for the fish.

Here, we have gathered all reasons that can help you to know better if your aquarium is working properly or not. As a passionate fish-keeper, I have penned down a few drastic reasons that can help you evaluate if your aquarium heater is broken or not.

Let’s have a look;

Ways to check if the Aquarium Heater is Broken or Not;

  • If Your Heater Smoke Or Makes Unusual Noise;

Like any electrical appliance heating system is a hazard when it starts getting too cold or too hot. If you find some smoke or unusual sounds you need to have a closer look into this matter. Your aquarium heater is probably broken. Moreover, if the tank temperature hits 120 degrees, that’s a sign of your fish’s death. You need to examine the valve at the bottom to see if it has leakage or obstruction. The black, pinching smoke is Ammonia.

  • Improperly Plugged In;

A most common and less questioned reason for the malfunctioning of your aquarium heater is that you’re your system is improperly plugged in. Like many, the electronic appliances heaters are also designed to work without the power supply from an electric outlet. Some fish heating units are also designed to work just by the tank power source. So, aquatic pet owners have an eye on that too.

  • Hand Test;

Hand test may sound foolish but you can do it easily and without harming yourself.

You need to take your hands closer to the heater, as you approach near to the heater the water will feel pretty hot. Be happy fish-lover, your aquarium heater is not broken. In case you don’t get any signs of hotness, no doubt your aquarium heater is broken. You need to replace it for the sake of your fancy fish.

  • Thermometer Test;

Before you start this test let me remind you that the thermometer does not always show the correct result.

Let us begin with the test

Just insert any thermometer (analogue or digital) in the fish tank and read the mercury level. You will get a clear knowledge of the broken or proper aquarium heater. Remember to set the water heater temperature higher than your room temperature to get obvious results.

  • Check for Leak or Drainage;

It’s not always your aquarium heater that’s a culprit,

If your fish tank is associated with the flowing device and has a drainage system in the bottom, don’t forget to check the drainage system. Sometimes the water gets drained by the device and doesn’t get hot. Although the fish tank manufacturers claim them as Taquarium heater.

  • The Light Test;

Put the fish tank heater in a fish tank. Start heating the water, now take a fleshlight and put it on the edge of the heater. You may notice blurry vision due to the heat getting reflected through light. If you don’t get blurry vision it means the heater is broken. You surely need to replace it.

  • The Easy Bucket Test;

It takes 30-36 hours for a fish tank to get warm that’s why you need to experiment with a bucket of5-10 litres. You need to fill the bucket and place the thermometer in the bucket. Now, determine the before and after the warmth of the water. If it gets warm your thermometer is perfectly fine. No need for replacing this aquarium heater.

  • Check The Appliance Is Heat Proof Or Not?

Your heater might be an all-glass aquarium heater or the material is not compatible with high-heat. When the room temperature gets higher and your aquarium heater’s warmth is low it might be over the aquarium’s temperature.

The fluctuation of degrees can lead to breakage or the not-working status of the aquarium heater.

  • It Needs A Break;

Electrical appliances need a break. You might have used your aquarium heater a lot.You needs to give it a break and buy a new one.

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