How To Get Baby Breastfeed After Bottle

You might have heard that this newborn baby is not breastfed. Wait, what you may judge, sometimes breastfeeding is not a good start for a newborn. A newborn baby may not latch, sometimes they start nursing or they may stop latching. In these cases, doctors will suggest you bottle feed your baby. When you find your baby on a nursing strike, it’s really painful. Your baby is missing the best food given by nature. Not a single formula milk has replaced mum’s feed.

So, as a caring mama, Are you struggling with nursing your kid, that has refused to go back to breastfeed after bottle. The next lines in the article are exactly what you want to know, go ahead.

Tips To Reintroduce Breastfeeding After Bottle;

These tips might be so helpful for mums who are willing to breastfeed their kids who have started taking milk by bottle. Babies find it easier to drink milk by bottles because they may find it easy and less struggling. Now, a proud mama who dares to breastfeed and takes pride in breastfeeding baby, because it strengthen the bonds between you and your baby. Follow these tips below;

  • Start With The Nipple;

Nipples play a huge role to reintroduce your baby to breastfeed. The nipple’s shape can give your child the freedom to decide if he would leave the bottle or not. Initially, you need to switch to the slow flow nipple. Using a slow flow nipple will let your child working harder to suck.

This will make the bottle less attractive when your child is hungry or in the urge of filling the tummy faster.

  • Try Using Bottle Designed For Breastfed Babies;

Some bottles are so friendly. They are specifically designed as the nipple of mum. The feature of the skin-soft nipple that makes latching easier for babies is a must-have. In this case, I, as a mother will highly recommend Comotomo bottles.

Comotomo bottles are the best and affordable bottles that are specially designed to squeeze as the real thing. You read it right, your baby can squeeze both the bottle and nipples as yours. Each bottle comes with a nipple, a nipple ring, a cap and a bottle base. The Comotomo bottles anti-colic vent reduce the amount of air a baby swallows. A wide neck makes the cleaning easy.

  • Introduce The Breast Feeding The First Thing In Morning;

Nursing your baby is a great sense of pleasure. You should try nursing when your baby wakes up in the morning, lay them next to you. Co-sleeping your baby work out pretty well. A mother’s breast is full in the morning, therefore babies are more comfortable sucking the milk as compared to other times in the whole day.

  • Practice More Skin-Assistance;

Skin to skin contact is something most precious feeling for both mum and baby. Try to feed the baby before pumping your breast milk. When your breast is full of milk, it’s the best time to feed your baby. Take your baby closer to you and let them latch the heavenly drink from nature. Your nipples should be the best things for your kid.

  • Try Having A Distraction-Free And Calm Atmosphere Around You;

Without having sensory distraction in any environment your baby feels relax and peaceful. If your baby is someone who has already rejected breastfeed, he needs a calm place to have skin to skin contact with you. Try with your fuller breasts and have a lovely relation with your child.

  • Be Patient;

Patience, mum… The only key towards success is nothing but the patience, in anything, that you want to introduce your child. Talk to your baby when you breastfeed. You can even sing a lullaby to keep them calm and soothe them out. Talking to your baby while the beast feeding makes a huge difference. Eye to eye contact with your baby is a priceless feeling. Your kid will sure indulge with the sweet taste of your milk and your voice full of love for him.

  • Try Different Feeding Positions;

Sometimes the way you are trying to feed your baby is a hindrance for him in latching. Try different positions, a comfortable position can lead your child to latch them all by themselves. Mums have discovered the reclining or laid back positions more easy and comfortable.

  • Try Nipple Shields;

Nipple shields are silicon covers with holes. They are designed to fit in your breast nipples. A Nipple- the shield is closer to the bottles. Babies who are addicted to bottle can easily switch to breastfeed this way.

 To Conclude;

Babies are the most precious gift of God. It’s very important to give them nature’s best food that’s mother’s milk. You will never regret breastfeeding your kid. This is the best way to protect your baby’s and your health.

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