How to choose BBq Grill

Barbecue derived from the word barbacoa is without a doubt, one of the ancient cooking methods used nowadays. It involves the process of cooking slabs and pieces of meat in a grill, smoker or perhaps in the ground. Although there are many kinds of barbecue, the only thing that makes them distinctive in flavor is the presence of smoke.

Cooking at excessive temperature, exposed directly to heat is known as grilling. However, choosing a grill might become headache for some as there are numerous types of grills.

A lot of debate is going on that which is better Gas, Charcoal or Electric grill? Some people might have thoughts about which one is more effective. But it’s not just a right and wrong question. Each one of them has their own benefits as well as flaws.

Some of the factors that are to be kept in mind before choosing a particular type of grill are:

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal briquettes or natural lumps, either one of them can be used for the source of heat. One must be patient and calm to use this type of grill, as they are very time consuming, due to slowly heating up process. But when they do heat up they can get more tropical than gas grills, having no feature to control the temperature. So one may have to keep organizing the coals in such a manner so that overcooking or undercooking can be avoided.

As for firing up the coals, don’t try to use liquefied fluids like butane or propane, if you want your meat to taste natural instead of having a taste of these fluids.

Simply this type of grill is considered classic. As they are low in price, simple to use and there is not even a single doubt about the unique smoky taste of meat, cooked in charcoal grills.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are supplied with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, is used as a source of heat (directly or indirectly) for cooking meat. Various sizes of gas grills are available depending upon the quantity of meat you want to grill. They are generally used in the restaurants in order to serve hundreds of people at a time.

They are the most high-priced kind of grill but undoubtedly very fast, reliable and easy to operate. They can heat up quickly and requires much less cleaning after cooking.

One doesn’t get the same unique smoky flavor as using charcoals but one can grill up all sorts of food with a prominent taste.

Electric Grills

An ideal option for those who are living in apartments where charcoal or gas grilling is prohibited or the ones who don’t have an outdoor area for grilling.

A very easy and fast operable option than charcoal and gas grills. If you want to grill, you just need to plug it in an outlet and start grilling anywhere you want. Charcoal and gas grills give smoky flavor but they also require more effort and materials like charcoals or liquefied gas.


Smokers are becoming quite famous nowadays as they can cook a large amount of meat at a time with low temperature but for a longer period of time. Even charcoal and gas grills don’t deliver a unique taste like a smoker. They might be time-consuming and bigger in size but can be used electrically as well as can be fueled by charcoal or liquefied petroleum gas.

According to Kitcheniest not only by choosing the right type of barbecue grill that is suitable for you but some other factors which can make your life much easier are:

Grill Size

Barbecue grills come in various kinds of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size of grill depends upon the number of people with whom you will be grilling. Before investing on a grill make sure that you evaluate the area that you are aiming to grill in.

Get a large barbecue grill if you often host parties for a large number of people. It will reduce your grilling time as well as will allow every person to eat at the same time. 500 to 700 inches will be a good option in this scenario. What if you are looking to grill with a few numbers of people or you don’t have enough area to grill in, then go for the small size instead of inappropriate size.

Built-in Thermostat

One of the most effective features, that is introduced in grills in order to steer clear of undercooking and overcooking. It is very helpful in grilling as you are able to check the temperature of the interior of a grill anytime you want so that you can manage the temperature. By having this feature in a grill, one can surely cook their meat perfectly like on

Grill with shelves

Utensils used in grilling like plates, grilling pan, gloves and other materials used for cleaning are to be placed somewhere. Thus, one may need some space for these utensils to be placed somewhere. It can get frustrating to search for utensils here and there during grilling. Therefore, in order to avoid such discomfort, make sure that the grill you want to purchase has shelves to place these utensils.

Therefore, you should keep these factors in your mind before purchasing a grill because you may invest a lot of money and yet you may not find the proper set of grill and you can end up hating it.

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