How Not To Spoil Relationships in the First Month

In most cases, relationships break up in the first few weeks, so people don’t even have time to start a life together. In the first days and weeks of a relationship, you can make many mistakes. The worst mistake is not to see the problems associated with psychological compatibility. It happens that people fall in love, and then, when love comes to naught, they realize that they don’t fit together at all. So, be careful when choosing a partner.

·     Don’t rush things

Relationships have not yet had time to start, and you begin to talk about living together and have thoughts of children, weddings. In a word, you are completely trying to take the initiative into your own hands. This can be expressed in constant calls, perseverance, and importunity. Psychologists recommend remembering that relationships are a turn-based game where everyone takes a step towards each other. Everything should take its course. For example, you asked a woman to go out. The first meeting was successful. Then you want to have a second date and it is okay as well. The third time, she doesn’t pick up the phone or simply disappears or finds some excuses. Stop for a moment. Now let a woman take a step towards. Well, and if she doesn’t, then it’s worth considering the need for such relationships.

·     Don’t spend all the time together

The worst thing a man can do at the beginning of a relationship is to devote all his time to a girl and be ready to communicate with her at any time (even if you meet Russian ladies online). This, of course, is very convenient, but, as a rule, interest quickly disappears, and such a man falls into the “reserve list”. 

·     Don’t control

Where are you? What are you doing? And what will you do next? – this list of questions, which vary slightly depending on the day of the week and time of the year, is asked daily to all women. It’s not worth it to behave in such a way so that a woman decides that someone is specifically encroaching on her personal space. In addition, the more you control the situation, the stronger the feeling that it is getting out of control. The solution is simple: take care of your life so that you have something to share when meeting. Then the need to control someone else will disappear by itself.

·     Forget all you exes

You shouldn’t tell too much information about your past relationships from the first day of your new relationship. In general, women can’t stand when they are compared with exes. Compare, analyze, draw conclusions, but silently or when you are with your friends. A woman doesn’t want to feel “one of”.

·     Don’t lose your dignity

If a woman allows herself to do something that makes you very upset or makes you feel awkward, you need to stop it right away. If you close your eyes to some actions, then it will be more difficult to mark the boundaries. You have principles, beliefs, and desires. They are much more important than love. Many people think that if they endure everything, then in this way, they will earn respect. No, respect can’t be earned like that. Such relationships are obviously disastrous.

·     Don’t be predictable

You always say the same patterns when calling her on the phone. Your dates are banal – you sit in a café and, in an hour, you go home. It is precisely this predictability that doesn’t allow you to interest a girl. Try to diversify even the same dates. If you like to smoke a hookah, then choose different places; if you like walking, then don’t do it on the same streets, and not in the same park; if you talk on the phone, try to communicate on different topics. If spontaneity is not about you, then plan your date in advance.

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