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7 Things You Didn’t Know a VPN Could Do&lt

Virtual Private Networks are nothing new, but they have really grown over the last few years thanks to a greater understanding of how we are being watched online when we don’t use VPN. Plus, the number of remote workers put into action during the Covid pandemic has led to companies like going global. Here are a few things that VPN does that you probably didn’t know.

1 – Stop Man-in-the-Middle Attacks And Packet Sniffing

There are two ways that VPN services stop man-in-the-middle attacks and packet sniffing. The first is by encrypting the internet you use at your end. Your app encrypts the information so that if somebody intercepts the information as it travels to the servers, all they see is a garbled mess. The other way is that sometimes a VPN app will not use a connection that has a man-in-the-middle setup. You may think that SSL certificates will protect you from these types of attacks, but that is not always the case. A good VPN service is far more effective against these types of data harvesting attacks.

2 – Share an Opinion

Want to get your IP address banned? Then upload a video, a meme, or a comment that goes against the narrative in your country. Want to argue how many genders there are, then think again because if you think it is just two, you are heading for a shadowban. However, with the use of VPN services, you can simply start a new account, and you are no longer banned because it is not your IP address you are using.

3 – Test Your Website

If you have a website, you should be testing it from different browsers and different locations. However, paying for remote testers is very expensive, so why not do it yourself? Add your VPN service to your Smartphone and your desktop computer and test your website from a range of different countries using the VPNs overseas servers.

Since many affiliate advertising companies are able to delete VPN connections, they will auto-block adverts, which means you cannot test your affiliate adverts with your VPN service. However, have adverts blocked may help you too since you can see how quickly your website loads if your adverts are not rendered and loaded.

If you are tired of adverts, you could use your VPN services all the time because they often block numerous types of advert. It is a side-effect benefit of having your VPN service turned on while you surf the internet.

4 – Work Around Your Own Firewall Problems

Ever wondered why some things connect on your computer and some do not. You have probably tried things like turning off your firewall, and sometimes it helps. Sometimes the game you wanted will start downloading, or the account you wanted to use allows you to sign in, and sometimes it doesn’t work. Another thing you can try is to start your internet session with your VPN turned on. In some cases, this will allow you to sign into certain accounts, or download certain things. It may allow you to work around these problems without having to turn off your firewall.

5 – Join Online Multiplayer Games in Other Countries

Large MMO games and free-to-play online games will often geo-lock their servers. There are several reasons for this, such as keeping players using one language on the same servers. Sometimes they do it to spread the stress on their network of servers. If you are not happy with the players on your server, or perhaps your national servers are looking a little thin, and you are having trouble finding people to play with. In that case, you can turn on your VPN, enter a server in another country, and start your game. See if there are other people in that country who are able to play with you.

6 – Secure a Wide Number of Devices

You probably know that you can secure your PC or laptop with VPN services, but did you know that most VPN services allow you to add their app to a wide number of devices. Even Apple TV now allows third-party software, which means you may even add your VPN services to your Apple TV streaming devices. Here are a few other things you can add your VPN service to.

  • Mobile Watch
  • TV streaming devices
  • Tablets and e-readers
  • Your music players
  • Smartphone
  • Laptops, notebooks, PCs, and netbooks
  • Remote house controls

7 – Improve Internet Speeds For Heavy Users

If you like downloading your console and PC games, and you like streaming services, and you like live internet shows, and you like using torrent software, then you are probably a heavy internet user. Even if you have an unlimited internet service package from your Internet service provider, they can still hit you with the fair use clause. This clause states that they can throttle your internet speeds without warning and for as long as they like, if they think you are using an unfair amount of in. However, when you use a VPN service, they cannot tell how much internet you are using and therefore have no reason to throttle your service.

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