UPDATE: “Paranormal Activity” Revamp Movie Announces Cast and Release Details

As a huge horror movie fan, I rank writer-director Oren Peli’s 2007 film Paranormal Activity as one of the more innovative and chilling stories to ever be brought to the big screen. Deceptive in its simplicity, the story about a couple who suspect their home is haunted and then confirm it after setting up a video camera was a huge smash when first released, inspiring no less than five sequels. As other horror film franchises can attest to however (looking at you here Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th), oversaturation at the box office can be deadlier than any silver bullet or stake through the heart. And that’s precisely what led to the Paranormal Activity series to be laid to rest, albeit temporarily. We’ve reported recently on a revival for the found-footage phenomenon in the form of a retooling of the concept. What does “retooling” mean exactly? Paramount and Blumhouse, the producers for the Paranormal Activity films, are playing it fast and loose in revealing any details, so we could be talking about an altogether new story completely divorced from the original series’ continuity but with the same type of setup (i.e. found footage). Or we could be looking at a continuation of the Paranormal Activity universe a la 2018’s Halloween. We simply don’t know yet. But one thing we do know now courtesy of our bloody brilliant friends over at Bloody Disgusting News is that the new and still-untitled entry has a cast officially set and, in fact, they are at this moment filming the latest spook-fest.

 Actors Emily Bader (House of the Witch), Henry Ayres-Brown (Last Ferry), Roland Buck III (Better Call Saul) and Dan Lippert (Son of Zorn) are the new faces of the Paranormal Activity franchise going forward it was announced late last Friday.

 Overseeing the directing duties on the new Paranormal Activity film is director William Eubank of Underwater fame who will be working from a script from Happy Death Day scribe Christopher Landon. Landon is no stranger to the Paranormal film series, having written 2-4 as well as having directed the fifth installment.

 Originally set for a theatrical debut, Paramount and Blumhouse also announced that the new film will premiere on streaming service Paramount+, leaving its originally announced theatrical debut date of March 4, 2022 in question. The film has been pulled from Paramount’s theatrical release calendar, tellingly enough.

 We’ll keep our eyes peeled for further details on release dates for the upcoming Paranormal Activity film (so you don’t have to). Watch this space ‘til then!

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