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Top 10 Family Board Games For Summer 2021

As the summers are around the corner, so is the time for family get-togethers. And these family gatherings call for some fun game nights, where everyone can spend some time off-screen. 

You can hit your local Target to find board games and purchase them at super reasonable prices by redeeming Target coupons! Since staying indoors is the new normal, you can also find them online on Target’s website or any leading e-retailing website like Amazon, Walmart, etc. 

Board games can be really fun and exciting, and boost everyone’s ability to react and reason. However, finding that one perfect game for all age groups can be quite confusing. So, to help you with that, we have provided a list of the best family games that you can play in the summer of 2021.

Top 10 family board games for summer 2021


The old version of Monopoly would’ve lasted longer than all seasons of friends combined. However, the new monopoly is quick and has an electronic banking system. The rules have also been modified. For instance, the hotels have been eliminated. An increase in rent will take place any time individual land on a piece of property and many such changes. But, according to the reviews, this one is still as much enjoyable as the classic version. It is a worthy purchase to spend a good time with your family. 


Do you and your family love suspense and thriller? Have you always wanted to investigate murder cases? Then, guess what! This game is the perfect option for you. It is a classic mystery game. In this, the first player has to find out who committed the murder, with what weapon, the room of crime, and all other details. While the other players are the criminals. Well, all of it sounds quite mysterious and enthralling. Doesn’t it? Purchase this game from the target store near your place, get some good offers on it with Target coupons. 

Spot It:

A fun game that is suitable for all age groups. So, whether you are a kid or an oldie, this one is going to keep you engrossed all throughout. Even better, it is affordable and easily portable. So, if you are on a flight or just on a road trip, this one comes in handy. It is surprisingly challenging, where you need to find similar cards from two different decks in a given duration. It is easy to follow and is quite durable. 


This one is surely the best block game that one can have. It is very simple but equally fun to play with. Jenga is suitable for all age groups and can be played by several people together. For young children, it offers the added advantage of enhancing their fine motor and concentration skills. This is the most suitable game for family get-togethers and chatty evenings. You can even add a fun twist to the game by giving tasks to the one who makes the complete block fall. You can purchase this game through many stores including Target, Amazon, Walmart, and several others. 


If you are a music lover and have great music taste, then this game is the one for you. But, then you need not worry. Anyone and everyone can play this game. The rules are quite simple to follow and bring along with them ample opportunities for interaction, fun, and laughter. And, undoubtedly, you can vibe with your family members while playing this game. You will also get to know everyone’s taste in music, and you just can’t wait to belt out the songs. This musical purchase is available across various stores including Amazon, Target, etc. 


This game is based on a spy-theme. It can be played by up to 8 people. It is one of the best games, which is appropriate for people of all age groups. Players are divided into teams where they need to identify the secret ‘agents’ of the team. The ‘spymaster’ guides them by providing clues during the game. The team which is able to find all the agents first will win the game. Moreover, it is easy to understand and play. 

Heads Up:

This is yet another very popular game. All you need to do is select the pack of cards in the category you want to play. This is a fun and interactive game that can be played by the complete family. Get this game from stores like Target, Amazon, and Walmart. 

Chutes and Ladders:

This one is surely a classic. It is especially loved by the younger ones. However, multiple players can play this game for a light-hearted evening. Moreover, this sort of game is quintessential for the younger ones, as it teaches several skills to them. This game can be grasped easily and allows them to use logic, helping in their development. 


This board game is quick, challenging, and fun. It is a unique game that requires strategy building throughout the play to win the game. Everyone is engaged in finding their ways to reach the destination. A great game to put these little brain cells of yours to work. 


A huge part of this game is about drawings. But, don’t worry. You need not be Pablo Picasso to play this one. It is an interactive game where you can enjoy the drawing and guessing skills of your family members. It is made more exciting with the active participation of members throughout the game. This game can test your imagination skills as well. 


So, are you ready for a fun game night with your family? Head over to the stores like Target, Amazon, Walmart, and others and purchase your favorite board game right now. And don’t be bothered to collect more than one because you can easily score big markdowns by scouring for coupons that are easily available on various coupon aggregating websites. Let’s get the fun going!

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