What’s Your Secure File Sharing Strategy?

Triofox allows the users to get access to private cloud file sharing. This has helped businesses to enjoy a productive future. This is a perfect way to add control over the data location and the deployment model. Private cloud sharing allows you to gain migration to a public cloud and a private cloud. This helps the users to improve productivity at work. The mobile workforce can get full control and security of the data.

Security & Ownership

If you want to maintain data ownership then private cloud file-sharing can help you to get a secure IT infrastructure. The technologies are active and you can gain control over Active Directory and also get the NTFS permissions. Triofox gives you safe mobile access and offers the best file-sharing solution.

Data Ownership

The business owners have full control over the data and it is also easy for them to get all the compliance requirements.

Active Directory

Active Directory and NTFS permissions protect the file servers and the data. This simplifies the task to help the IT staff deal with the data easily.

File Servers in the Cloud

The file servers can be moved to regional data centers like Azure and AWS. This will give the mobile workforce safe access to the files. Triofox gives simplified mobile access and helps to maintain and give an on-premises experience like the automatic file locking.

Software-Defined Storage

The file servers offer a more elastic storage capacity and with new technologies, it becomes natural and simple for the users to get secure file sharing. 

Share folders over the Internet

Share folder over Internet online without any hassle. The users can now maintain their data privacy and have full control and access over the files. This gives you simple and restricted mobile access to the local folders.

One-Click to Share Folder Over the Internet

You just need one click to share the local folders and files. The email attachments can be saved on the email servers and you can also block them if the files are not too big. If they are not blocked then they can be copied and downloaded easily. Centre stack allows the users to share folders online over the Internet. The weblinks and the local file server can allow you to write permissions. It gives you a secure data room and also offers a wide range of auditing features. You can enjoy simple online folder sharing and can get the traditional file server security as well. 

Online Folder Sharing Challenges

If you want to share folders and files online then grade file sharing solutions like Dropbox will allow you to enjoy better productivity at work. It also gives you endless cost benefits and offers to save access to the files. If you are scared of any cyber-threats then Centrestack will help you get access to all the files and servers.

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