Meet Samir Badpoureh – Self made Entrepreneur

Samir Badpoureh is a 27 year old rising entrepreneur. A self made individual, with years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship. He’s someone who we refer to as a Extraverted personality.

This young lad is performing exceptionally well in his respective niche with an experience of 8 years. He possesses various skills which includes Business management skills, Financial skills, Analytical and problem solving skills. He firmly believes in team work rather than individualism .

Samir always works while keeping a positive mental attitude. He believes in being proactive rather than reactive. Being proactive is about owning your own decisions, actions, and life, despite what other people do. It involves a person to be committed and move forward in a direction they determine. Samir aims various future plans and goals. He wants to gain financial stability, align marketing and sales and generate greater ROI. He aims in sketching an apt business plan, Hiring and retaining a skilled workforce and gradually become equally efficient in all the sectors.

As the competitive environment continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Samir Badpoureh will be there, leading the charge.

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