Keeping a Balance: How to Combine Work and Study

Not only students combine study and work, but also those who want to get additional education and want to start developing in a new area. However, switching from one activity to another can be quite difficult, especially if they are completely different areas. We’ve figured out how to reduce the workload and balance study and work.

Why do you need to combine work and study?

  • Knowledge and experience

Any work is experience first of all. A student develops soft skills – becomes more communicative, learns to be flexible, act on the situation, manage, make quick decisions. Even though many universities try to create the necessary environment for team building, they make you meet deadlines, there is a completely different level of responsibility for your actions at work, there is no right to make a mistake.

On the other hand, adults who decide to start learning also have a goal of gaining new experiences, following the concept of lifelong learning. This knowledge will not necessarily relate to the main activity: it is possible to start learning in a completely different field to broaden the picture of the world and critically develop new skills.

  • Changing careers

You can change your profession or slightly change the direction of your activity at almost any age, the main thing is to start learning. Also, the slash career model – combining two different specialties – is especially popular now.

Besides, not every student understands what he or she wants to do in the future. By trying out different positions and fields, a young person can understand more clearly what he or she is capable of, what kind of activity he or she is close to, and how he or she wants to build a career.

  • Friendship and useful relationships

Whether at work or study, you make new acquaintances and find yourself in a different professional environment. These relationships are likely to come into play in the future.

  • Increasing competitiveness

New skills, new knowledge allows you to improve your qualification. Expanding your opportunities makes you more competitive in the marketplace. Young people, though, become more competitive after graduation because of the experience they gain from their jobs.

How to keep a balance between work, study, and life?

  1. Don’t try to manage everything

The first thing you should do is take the fact that it is impossible to do everything, but it is realistic to cope with the priorities that need to be set on a day-to-day basis. Don’t try to work and study at the same time: each activity should be given time. So if a job is your priority today, contact a narrative essay writing service for example, so you don’t get a bad grade at the university.

  • Estimate Your Capabilities and Resources

Evaluating your capabilities and abilities, you can set yourself realistic achievable objectives, and get rid of a permanent feeling of dissatisfaction. In this case, an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses will help. Do not require yourself to do everything perfectly. Try to say “no” and accept your limitations. If it is already hard for you, you should probably give up on a new project.

  • Flexible work or study schedule

If you are a student, set up free office hours. It is not important the hours you spend in the office, but the result of the work itself, the quality of the tasks completed on time. Adults who set the job as a priority should initially look for courses, programs that can be taken at weekends or in the evenings.

  • Take short breaks

Fatigue is a normal signal that it’s time to rest. That’s why it’s better not to browse social networks for 15-20 minutes – limit yourself from receiving information. It is better to spend time in silence and relax your body.

  • Keep a balance between pleasure and necessity

Enjoying both work and study is an ideal picture that may be realistic. However, some tasks are less enjoyable; they just need to get done. Analyze how much time is spent on tasks that are “necessary” and those that you enjoy. If the first outweighs, it’s time to think about whether your career path is the one you’re choosing.

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