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Research has shown that teenagers will dress in a particular way to avoid mocking and humiliation from peers. A majority of teenagers are influenced by people around them because they feel that they somehow need to fit in. in today’s world, fashion has not only proven to be one major source of beautification, it also serves as an outlet for expression. It has been found out that duplicating the fashion around them, gives teens of nowadays a sense of belonging.

In today’s world, we cannot talk about self expression through fashion without mentioning the brand GITI ONLINE. Giti is an online store which was created specifically for free spirited girls who are not afraid to show off their personality through fashion.

Whatever you wear and however you wear it shows the world the kind of person you are. Fashion is an expression of your personality, and despite how the word “fashion” is usually associated with glamour, this is untrue. Fashion is all about how you express yourself.

Giti opened its doors to the world in august 2003, and gained immediate recognition. Giti was initially located in Gainesville, Florida. And as soon as it became public, Giti quickly became the source for the most current fashion in Gainesville. Thanks to their vast inventory of trendy styles, Giti immediately won the hearts of their customers.  Giti maximizes your shopping experience by offering the latest styles in fast fashion clothing.

Giti Online is now located in Miami, creating exceptional pieces on a regular, and helping young girls around the world express themselves through fashion. But Rome wasn’t built in a day.                              

In an interview with the founder of Giti online, Christopher Chong, he shared: “we opened up from retail to wholesale as we saw growth in new entrepreneurs trying to start their own businesses was supply of inventory. Manufacturers are forced to deliver high quantities of products at a time. Most new businesses aren’t able to buy the volume the manufacturers require, so we step in as the middleman and purchase them, so that newer retailers are able to purchase in smaller quantities to kick start their businesses”.

Giti online has managed to scale their business greatly thanks to their creativity, smart planning, and also putting the needs of their customers before profit.  Giti is also one of the biggest plus size retailers online. After noticing the increase in demand for plus sized products, they increased their supply of plus sized wears. It’s all about satisfying their customers to the max!

Giti also offers fast shipping of goods, they also offer the ability to carry more in quantity of certain products over other major retailers out there like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things.

Giti online are just getting started, seeing as they are looking forward to expanding their business to reach all parts of the world as much as possible. They’re looking forward to expanding their enterprise into more international regions, so they can meet the needs of their international clientele.

“Keep trying new things and not everything you try will succeed. Failure is a great learning experience”

Keep up with the latest updates and happenings from GITI on their official channels:

Instagram – @gitionline

Facebook – www.facebook.com/gitionline

youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_KY8T1lpWtToJC029ejlLw

Official site – www.gitionline.com

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