4 Basic Rules To Dress Well As A Man

Dressing well doesn’t come naturally to every man. Some men get help from their loved ones or parents when it comes to putting an outfit together. But that’s just not you, you want to do it by yourself. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out so well. You’re still struggling to dress yourself and you need some help. Well, we’re coming to the rescue with 4 basic rules when it comes to men’s fashion. 

  1. Be comfortable

Just like everything else in life, whatever you do, do it with confidence. But to be confident, you have to be comfortable. Being comfortable in clothing has nothing to do with being incredibly fashionable. Don’t buy a 500 dollar sweater because you think other people will like it, buy it because YOU like it. Being comfortable is about being yourself, so stay true to who you are when you are shopping. Anyway, people tend to care less about what you’re wearing if you radiate confidence. 

  1. Dress to the occasion

Not only do you have to feel great about what you’re wearing, but also make sure it fits the occasion. Of course it can be difficult when you usually wear sneakers and a great T-shirt (take the merino T-shirt for example) to suddenly dress very chique. Well, there are multiple options for tackling this issue. No one expects you to go from 0 to a 100, so don’t expect it from yourself. You start with a basic plain white dress shirt (a must have). From the shirt you can build your outfit. You can wear some neat trousers and smart shoes to make it a nice outfit. Do you want to step it up a level? Try on a blazer and maybe a tie.

  1. Invest in basics

The start to any outfit is a basic clothing item. Basic clothing items can range from T-shirts to trousers. Basic clothes are essential to your outfit, because a basic clothing item is easily combined with another piece of clothing which may be a little bolder. With T-shirts and sweaters, there are multiple fittings to choose from. Choose the one that compliments your physique most. For example, you can choose a straight fit shirt or a V-neck sweater (in Dutch: V-hals trui heren).

  1. Quality over quantity

This is one of the most important rules of buying clothing. Even though it is tempting to buy a lot of cheap clothes, we would not recommend doing that. Investing in key items which would last over lifetime is a decision you will not regret. But buying quality clothes doesn’t always come with a huge price tag. There are many outlets all around the world where you can buy your quality clothes for a much lower price.

So being fashionable has little to do with what you’re wearing. You just have to be confident! 

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