Ipaddle Boating Is A “Breeze” With The New Breeze AERO Inflatable Board!

Everyone everywhere now needs a break from their daily lives. The new normal hardly seems normal really if you think about it, as our home lives and work lives have become enmeshed with each other. Trying to find time to have some personal time, family time, or private time alone has become not easier but more difficult. Activities that can be done away from others are mostly allowed globally, and large crowds are prohibited in many countries and throughout the USA. Paddle boarding, in all its varieties of sport has been on the upswing as a result. 

From fishing alone on a quiet lake to just lying on a paddle board in a stream and enjoying nature, rough-riding white water waves and catching the waves for surfing has become the focus of many more individuals now.

BOTE paddle boards have met the challenge of all types of usages of paddle boards now. 

Some users have difficulty picking just one type of board, especially in the inflatable board category. 

BOTE has met this challenge by providing its new AERO IPaddle board, which is just as lightweight as any other inflatables, but sturdier, and longer. The new longer length lends itself well to multi-uses. It is steady and well-balanced enough for casual usages yet can bring appreciation from seasoned hard-core paddle boarders who enjoy competitive sports or riding the waves via surfing or white-water rafting. Sitting and standing is easier, and the position’s choice will not capsize the board easily because of the longer length.  

Using the latest technology has led to the creation of this incredible IPaddle Board. 

Aerotech is the term used. While all IPaddle inflatables use it (aero is Greek for “air”), the dependability and longevity plus types of usage are enhanced with the BOTE paddle board via the extended length available. The inflation is faster, and the outer shell strong and sturdy. It is just as compact as shorter models yet offers more stability with a longer length and, therefore, more adaptable and multi-purpose. This is a landmark type of inflatable paddle board, called the Breeze Ultra, and the stability was the result of years of research and development. It is still as “grab and go” as all other BOTE IPaddle boards, and as sturdy as the solid IPaddles. Sitting in a leisurely activity or for rafting is less of a problem as standard SUPs (Stand UP Paddles), were not meant for sit-down activities (just try that for any length of time on a standard SUP). Capsizing while sitting or trying to balance from sitting to standing was a true problem with standard SUPs, as there was no flexibility or give to the board, leading to the capsizing and rollover. 

Inflatables have less of a chance of rollover and injuries caused by rollovers.  

The Ultra technology used makes the AeroTech Ultra a superior product for any use. 

It is also possible to discuss this new IPaddle with the consultants at BOTE and to try it out for you with a revolutionary 60 day try-out period. The company is so sure that you will love their new IPaddle that there is also a satisfaction guarantee with a money-back guarantee of 30 days with a limited two-year warranty. Shipping is free over 100 dollars (and no IPaddle of any variety is less than that, or you are buying “junk”), and there is even intermodal freight shipping available, making it an international favorite. Although a backpack accessory is nice, it is not necessary, as even a small-sized woman can carry two of these lightweight models, one in each hand, easily. There are hand grips on each, and the flexibility makes it perfect for airline travel and packing into any size car, even after inflation. The safety is superb, as even a toddler can be transported safely while sitting down while an adult stands and paddles. Only one paddle is needed for super maneuverability, and even though children squirm, stand up, and shift continually, the new size prevents capsizing. It has a 33-foot width and a longer tail than all other models, which lends itself to the prevention of capsizing.

Of course, it does require some care, as do all BOTE models and IPaddles. 

Leaving any paddle board to roast in a 100-degree car for days or weeks on end will cause cracking and deterioration. Dragging any standard board or inflatable across rocks and rough terrain will cause cracks and crevices. Using sharp objects, especially with inflatables, WILL cause punctures, but do we need to say this? If damages do occur, BOTE is there to assist with remedies if possible, rather than jump into replacement right away. DIY (Do It Yourself) remedies are not recommended as these generally fail and the inflatable sinks or capsizes upon entering the water. Buying a quality BOTE board does assist in the board’s longevity, as cheaper models will not last long. Although the price is always a consideration, it cannot be the only consideration.  

If you are looking for a way to relax now, IPaddles are the wave of the future.

Built for fun, adventure, and relaxation, it is especially wise to purchase an AeroBreeze model from BOTE as it will lend itself to the variety of uses most families need. 

Purchasing more than one leaves even more options as everyone in each family can enjoy their own type of fun alongside others while remaining in their own comfort zone of adventure. Taking the AeroBreeze along on any vacation is a snap and only adds to the vacation’s excitement since any adventure that presents it can benefit from the IPaddle experience on any type of water. 

If the AeroBreeze is chosen, the packing space is minimal, and carrying this version anywhere is never a problem. 

Consult a BOTE dealer either online or in person, view the new model for yourself, and remember it is an investment in fun and adventure for years to come. Standing by a product with the kind of service BOTE provides only proves how confident this company is in the product and how much you will love and enjoy the product once purchased. BOTE is revolutionizing the trend to IPaddle boarding and the newest model, the BreezeUltra, is a testament to their dedication to quality IPaddle boards and their devotion to their clientele. Fun awaits at BOTE IPaddles distributors. Do not hesitate to call BOTE!

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