Things to check before you rent a luxury car in Miami

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Miami and want to explore the city and its neighbourhood renting a car would be a good option. While there are other transportation facilities in the city as well like taxis and Uber. However, they could be quite expensive and it is always better to have your car than hiring a taxi. Renting your car gives you a sense of freedom that taxis fail to provide.

While renting a car is very convenient and easy yet there are a few things that you must check especially if you want to rent a luxury car. 

In this piece, we will talk about certain things that you should check and keep in mind while renting a luxury car in Miami.

Here are some tips that will help you while you rent a luxury car in Miami:

  • Florida car rental regulations

Before you rent a car in Miami you should know about the car rental regulations of Florida. The minimum legal age to rent a car in Florida is twenty-one. However, most of the rental companies will charge some fees if you are under twenty-five years of age. 

Apart from the age factor, there are other regulations too. You must have a credit card and a driver’s licence. In case you belong to some other country you must also bring your passport along with your driver’s licence. 

  • Insurance options

Car rental insurance is a must, you should always look for insurance options while renting a luxury car. 

There are several ways you can get insurance coverage. You can use your travel insurance coverage or you can even add coverage from the rental company. Before finalising anything make sure to compare various coverage and costs. 

  • Transmission

In Miami, every luxury car rental company features an automatic transmission. However, if you wish to have a manual transmission you will have to mention it to the luxury car rental company. 

  • Picking the right car

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to renting a luxury car. However, before you rent a luxury car, access your requirements properly. There are several things to consider like the number of people accompanying you on the trip. 

The cost of rent varies significantly if you want to rent a luxury car for more than four people. Once you are sure of the number of travellers you can select from various options that exotic car rental Miami offers.

If you are planning to spend most of the time in the city itself then try to select a compact car. Going for a compact option will help you in parking. However, if you are planning to go on a long road trip then you should think of your comfort and go for a spacious car. 

The next important thing when it comes to selecting a car is the style. Luxury cars often get convertible however you will have to take extra precautions while driving and parking.

  • Extra drivers

If you are planning for a long trip you would want to change drivers during the trip. Make sure to add another driving while you are renting the car. Although you will have to give some additional fee it will be worth it. 

In case you do not add another driver and have an accident. Your insurance will become useless if there is someone else driving instead of you. Therefore it is always better to add a second driver by spending a few extra dollars. 

Tips to drive in Miami

Apart from knowing how to rent a luxury car, you must know a few tips to drive in Miami.

  • Always drive to the right side of the road just like any other place in the United States
  • Make sure that you always wear a seatbelt
  • Keep an eye on the speed limits as there are several low-speed places as well as speed traps in Miami. Speed limits are always posted on the right side of the road. 

Never text while you are driving, it is illegal to text while you are driving.

Whenever you want to rent a luxury car in Miami these tips will come in handy. Make use of these tips to make your journey tension free and memorable.

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