How to learn faster and remember more

How to learn faster and remember more

We spend our whole life learning and improving ourselves. It all begins with the first years of life, when we’re introduced to, basically, everything. Then there are the school years that are meant to broaden our mind and knowledge. Nonetheless, our life is filled with new skills we need or want to acquire, from taking design classes to having more fun playing Blackjack at an online casino India legal platform.

But based on our personality, capacity to focus, and understanding skills, the process of learning is different from one person to another. Even so, there are ways better than others that can help us learn faster and remember more. Check out our list of tips & tricks on more efficient learning and get started! 

Take notes by hand:-

As strange as it sounds today, when technology is our main tool regardless of what we’re doing, we recommend taking notes by hand for learn. Ditch your computer, although it facilitates speed when taking notes, and go back to the classic pen and paper way.

When you use your computer for writing, the biggest disadvantage comes from the many distractions waiting to steal your focus. An email, another notification, or the urge to check something on the internet. The constant act of stopping while learning is damaging, given the short span of focus we already have. 

On the other hand, taking notes the old-fashioned way is super efficient. Not only that the number of distractions is limited, but it improves active listening. This way, you get to summarize the information you receive and only write down what is in fact relevant. Moreover, instead of only transcribing the information, when taking notes by hand you get to process it, which makes it so much easier to remember it later.  

Take a study nap:-

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep and the way it affects our brain. During our college years, we tend to leave a big part of studying for the last few days – and nights. Cramming is extremely popular, but not as efficient as we think.

In fact, studies show that sleeping after a studying session is the best way to retain information and remember it afterwards. Which makes the process of learning less difficult or tiring, but also helps reduce the amount of time spent relearning. One way to do it is to take nap breaks after your studying session or simply schedule it in the evening, before going to bed. 

Learn something new :-

Spending too much time on the same subject when studying is tiring and can become boring. And when that happens, your capability of retaining new information decreases. Reason why, mixing it up helps with your learning process. 

Create a learning plan for the day and tackle different types of information consecutively. This way you get to feed your brain with interesting new topics, which is only going to help your productivity. Nonetheless, don’t forget to take the necessary breaks from studying and take a nap or go for a walk. This will help you clear your head and relax, so you can go back to focusing on learning some more. 

From a more general point of view, keeping an open mind and trying out new things is one of the most relevant ways of helping your memory. Especially when the new activity you’re into is a creative one or it feeds your interests. Learning a new language challenges your self-expression skills and teaches you new ways of thinking.

Dancing or learning to play an instrument keeps you engaged, while massively improving your creativity and the connection between your mind and body. Plus, it’s super fun and rewarding!

Improve your diet:-

A healthy lifestyle and diet are the key to every successful endeavour. As expected, it helps you even with your learning process. There are food products that improve and protect your brain’s performance. Fruits and vegetables are the number one choice when you care about feeding your brain too, not only your appetite. Fish, coconut oil, and avocados will fulfil the needs for oil that your body has. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables will keep your body and blood circulation at optimal conditions, which means having a healthy brain. On the most positive side, don’t forget about dark chocolate. This might be your favourite tool when having to study. Dark chocolate encourages your body to produce dopamine, which eventually translates into faster learning and a better memory. 

Get moving:-

That’s true, training your body also trains your brain. Not only that a healthy body allows for better neuronal connections, but it also supplies the brain with everything it needs to perform better. 

Plus, when exercising, you improve several vital senses like awareness, vigilance, and attention. All these will eventually increase your ability to learn faster, to make better connections– which means an easy way of retaining new information and you’ll also notice differences in your memory.

Although it’s not exercising, another way to learn faster and better is by challenging your brain and doing something different, repeatedly. Since our brain is used to specific actions of ours to be done one way only, trying to change something in its routine is a major trick.

And here we’re talking about really small things. For example, try brushing your teeth with the hand you don’t normally use. Or using cutlery the other way around. Getting your brain out of the regular connections it makes, will encourage its abilities and skills to help you adapt to new activities and environments faster.     


Our brain is the most valuable tool we have, and its extraordinary capabilities can’t even be completely understood. Nonetheless, to be able to keep up with everything we need it to grasp and master, it needs some help.

Take a look at the tips above and put them into practice. In time, creating and respecting a routine that involves a healthy lifestyle and some tricks to help your brain make better connections, will pay off. A better learning ability and memory – these are skills to aim for.  

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