Energy Security: Safe And Savvy With The Sun

Can you live a day without electricity? Everyday needs like hair drying, smartphones, etc. depend on electricity. That is why energy security should be the focus of our attention. What do we need? An adequate energy supply to fulfill our everyday wants and needs. It is an issue of utmost importance as even policy debates initiated regarding the theme.

Policy Debates Regarding Energy Security

At first, the federal government defined energy security as an adequate supply of power. However, with an increase in the number of blackouts and power outages, the definition got modified and turned into the action of solving electricity issues as quickly as possible. To return back its fundamental meaning, we need to utilize a resource that is capable of supplying as much energy as needed. Renewable energy sources like the sun are what we are looking for! Solar power, being a sustainable source of power, also has the potential to supply infinite amounts of electricity and aid energy security. Solar panel companies like Nevada Solar Group implement affordable solutions to a solar energy supply through photovoltaic (PV) panel systems. The reason behind that is their understanding of how crucial it is to solve the problem we are facing today.

Why Energy Security Is Important?

Energy security isn’t necessary solely for ordinary need fulfillment. It is essential on a national level. Economic growth, international relations, human security, and mainly, climate change – all are interconnected with energy security. Something goes wrong with the latter; everything goes wrong with lately listed components. Plus, as the energy demand from the side of society rises, fossil fuel usage increases. On a future outlook, the world will be contaminated with greenhouse gas emissions to an irreversible level. Unless there is an established energy security system, pollution of any kind will threaten the environment and human health. A quick surge of carbon emissions should be stopped beforehand. That is why it is crucial to stick to a power source that may be a long-term solution to issues connected with energy security.

Renewables And Energy Security

Let’s come from the roots and answer the question, “why renewable energy and not any other resource?” Everything is connected to the global issue of climate change. Starting from the beginning of the twenty-first century, fossil fuels increase the carbon footprint by considerable amounts. The rise in the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions brought the planet to face the problem of global warming – climate change. In its turn, the problem of climate change resulted in significant issues regarding energy in different influential countries like the US, Germany, and Japan. For instance, nuclear accidents happened in Japan, Fukushima Daiichi. It proved how important a secure energy supply is vital to prevent natural threats of unimaginable levels like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. To prevent such accidents in the future, it became crucial to switch to the usage of renewable energy from fossil fuels.

Solar Energy Is The Solution

The sun is one of the primary sources of renewable energy – the key to solving the problem of secure electricity. Why is that particular one the key?

First, energy security depends on four main criteria: affordability, reliable infrastructures, inexhaustible power supply, and environmental friendliness. All these four criteria should be met to sustain secure electricity. Solar energy is capable of providing most of the required standards, including affordability, infinite power supply, and environmental friendliness. Plus, solar equipment mandatory for power generation also incorporates the aspect of affordability as it comes in different forms like a solar panel kit – bundle of equipment.

Second, energy security maintenance depends on each country’s geography. In the case of solar power, geographical location mattered in the past. How is that possible? Assumedly, solar power generation requires the presence of sunlight, a bunch of sunlight. True, it does. However, the solar industry develops daily. Science and innovation made their way to solar panels that operate at night. Similar to its function that is against the ordinary PV panel, those that work at night have an identical name – anti-solar panels. Their nature is the same as ordinary ones. Still, they have an additional function of operating at night and providing beyond abundant electricity. Their efficiency is higher due to the technology behind its operation. Using thermoradiative cells to space out the infrared radiation and generate solar energy – even more than you can get from the solar panel battery.

Third, energy security implies a well-disposed economy. If you think that switching to a new energy source from fossil fuels implies high spendings and an economic downturn, then I am here to surprise you. Switching to a new power source – the sun is the most profitable alternative to fossil fuels with the goal of sustaining energy security. Why is that so? When a household goes solar, that individual gets the opportunity to store excess energy in the solar storage equipment. As long as that person doesn’t use the conserved energy, he or she has the opportunity to sell it back to the grid – generate money. With every sale back to the grid, the economy circulates more money, which is a plus for that particular country’s economic situation. Besides, people have the opportunity to access solar energy along with the solar stock market. The main two attributes that aid profit generation through solar investments are power measured in watts and the State’s Renewable Energy Credits. No matter on which feature you concentrate on, the return on investment will be pleasant.

Final Note

The energy of the sun is one of the leading renewable resources demanded today. A surge in the country’s economy, reduced carbon footprint, human security, and 24/7 electricity accessibility – what else do we need for full happiness? If solar energy is not the answer to the energy security problem, then what is?

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