Brief Story on Still Matthews

Matt Wallace home-grown at “The Nashville” area in Tennessee, USA. Matt. is an outstanding child since his early ages. He finds great influence towards music as he started playing music at the age of 12. He not only can play many musical instruments but also own vocal abilities.

That’s why Matt. tends to adopt music as his career. But he meets with a bunle of obstacles making his way to dreams. In order to chase his dream, Matt. have to say goodbye to his home at the age of 16 after expelling from High School.

Matt. broke a new ground in music industry as a young. He stayed determined and finally turned into official name “Still Matthews”. Matt. made a distinctive name in the music world. As he leans towards a quiet different mode of life that is mental soothing. He put all his efforts to comfort people from mental health.

Being a rational, Matt. produces a totally different artistic scenerio,a unique musical genre by mixing and mastering songs. As Still Matthews was greatly influenced by modern R&B artists. Such as Post Malone and 6Lack. He is also a big fan of Jelly Roll, and finally get chance to meet him and eventually connects with Jolly as business partner. Matt. peoved a good name not only in music industry but also in videography. The videos of Matthews’ songs are in animated picturization that provides a relaxing part. The music of Matt. is just like a therapy for those who are going through any mental health. Such people find relief in his music and reached out from this tangled situation.

The famous works of Still Matthews are “Save Me” , “A Beautiful Disaster”, “Self Medicated” and many more with Jolly. You can even find on Still Matthews’s official website He even wrote and composed his own songs and released his music under the stage named as Still Matthews. He gain millions following fans and listeners on youtube, and other social media apps. There is also an upcoming project of Matt. “Diamonds and Holds” would be release in early May.

Still Matthews is an astonishing musical artist in the music world. Who started his career as a young and proved his abilities and introduced a new phase in industry. His music acta as a therapist for the people having any mental health. They find metal relaxation through Matt’s music. His videography also a different mode of picturization that provides a soothing scenery. To cut the story short, Still Matthews is a good name in music industry by all means.

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