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The weather is finally starting to warm up. That means Summer will be here in no time. If you are like most people the thought of Summer makes you smile. It conjures up images of lounging around a pool with some sort of frozen cocktail in your hand. There is only one thing missing from your image, the perfect pool float. 

Everyone loves a pool float. They are perfect for a long day at the pool. They allow a way to enjoy the water and still relax. Depending on what you want to use your float for will determine the perfect float for you. No matter what float you want you will be able to find it online. Shopping for a pool float at a brick-and-mortar store will limit your selection but you can find anything with a simple internet search.

Children’s Floats

If you will be swimming with a little one you will want to make sure they have a float to enjoy themselves. If they are very small you will want to find a float that they can set in and provides them with some shade. This shade does not mean skip the sunscreen though. Always wear sunscreen when at the pool. 

If the child is a little older they will probably be fine using a basic ring float. There are so many adorable ones out there it may be hard to choose. Try to find one that is their favorite animal or color. Honestly, why not both!

Individual Floats

If you just want one for lounging, then find one that is going to be comfortable but still fits your personality. You will want it to have a cup holder that is deep and secure so you can keep your cocktail within reach. If you want to have the perfect tan and plan to lay on it to sunbathe, you should steer clear of tubes because the normal cause tan lines. 

Group Floats

They now have floats that will allow you to have the essence of a patio on the water. These floats offer shade, multiple seats, a cooler for your drinks, and of course plenty of cup holders. These floats are also perfect to take to the lake. Some floats are made to allow you to float and play board games in the pool. Seriously anything you can dream you can likely find.

Magically Adorable Floats

Some people can just not have enough adorable things in their lives, and this category of floats is for them. You can find a whole array of mermaid floats online. You can find floats that just look like a mermaid tail or tube floats with huge tails coming off the back. Are you a queen? Then you can find you a crown to float on this summer. Even more perfect you can find a rose-gold one. 

Summer would not be complete without a rainbow, and you can find so many options for rainbow floats online. If you want to float around the pool on a rainbow swan, then get online and find one. If you want to float on a popsicle you are only a click away.

Now that you know you can find any pool floats online, the possibilities are limitless for what you can have. Make sure to consider what you are going to use your float for. Also, make sure to consider how large it is in relationship to the rest of your pool. If you are getting a pool float for a kid make sure it is appropriate for them. You are now just a few clicks away from making perfect summer memories.

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