How to Properly Use Labradorite Stone

If you’re interested in starting your healing crystal collection, picking up a Labradorite Stone is a great place to start. This shining stone of transformation is a great companion to have, bringing change, strength, and perseverance into your life. 

What is Labradorite? 

Labradorite is an iridescent mineral rock that serves great value to many people. Labradorite comes in different varieties with different uses, all stemming from its main properties: strength and transformation. 

Labradorite gained popularity via Inuit groups in North America. They stated that the stone fell from the Northern Lights, as it possessed the same shifting qualities as the Aurora Borealis. Another story noted that the Northern lights were once trapped inside the stone, only to be released by a strong warrior who struck the stone with a spear, allowing the lights to go free. 

Labradorite Healing Properties

Like most healing crystals, the Labradorite Stone has a variety of different healing properties, guaranteeing that it will be helpful in some aspects of your life. 

Physical Healing Properties

As Labradorite is focused on healing and helping one ground themselves, this stone can help the respiratory system. Anxiety can often cause people to feel like their heart is racing and that they’ve lost the ability to breathe. A Labradorite Stone can help calm this feeling, evening out your heart rate and allowing you to breathe more clearly. 

It can also help with respiratory diseases and illnesses, such as bronchitis. While Labradorite is best used in the lungs and upper chest, it can also help regulate healthy digestion, eliminate painful periods, and keep your metabolism high and healthy. 

Mental Healing Properties

Along with taking away the heavy feeling in your body associated with anxiety, it can also help clear your mind of intrusive thoughts. Your anxious mind will no longer hold you down if you have a Labradorite by your side. This stone is thought to be essential for those who experience anxiety and depression in their everyday lives. 

Metaphysical Properties

Labradorite is associated with the throat chakra, which isn’t surprising, as a blocked throat chakra is often a side effect of anxiety. A blocked throat chakra can prevent you from speaking your mind and make you feel timid and shy. Using Labradorite to unblock your throat chakra can cause a world of difference in your life, allowing you to feel more open and honest and even more vulnerable at times. 

How to Use Your Labradorite Stone

Using a Labradorite Stone is easy, but how you use it will change depending on what you’re looking for. Most commonly, this stone is either worn as jewelry or placed in a location (like at home or in your office) where you most often feel your mind cannot rest. 

At Home or in the Office

Placing Labradorite in your home or office will immediately make your space feel more open and comfortable. It will invite energy in and allow you to feel more calm and free. 

When used in the office, it can help promote clear conversation and inspiration. When used at home, it can help calm tensions. Labradorite is an excellent stone to keep on hand if you need to have a serious conversation with a loved one or friend, as it promotes open and honest communication without the burden of anxiety. 

As Jewelry

Labradorite is best worn as a necklace, giving the stone the most direct contact to your chest, heart, and throat. Wearing this stone around your neck can open your throat chakra, calm your beating heart, and keep your respiratory system happy and healthy. 

No matter how you choose to use your Labradorite Stone, just know that it will help you feel lighter than air, free of anxiety, and ready to have hard conversations. Not only that, but it will add a shining, northern-lights-like touch to any room. 

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