How to Play Xbox Games on PC?

So you have got to know that Microsoft has finally allowed you to play your favorite Xbox games on PC? You might have been here confused, why is it not working for you? Well, it’s not working because you are probably following the procedure all wrong. The Xbox game can either be played through

  • Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Windows 10 (with an uninterrupted internet connection)

Both of these above-mentioned methods do not require any technical know-how, even a beginner can get into the game by following a few simple steps. Since we are here with a brief but complete guide so, let’s discuss the above-mentioned ways separately.

How to play an Xbox game using Xbox Play Anywhere?

Playing Xbox games via Xbox play anywhere is the simplest and the easiest way to get in the game. To play your favorite Xbox game using Xbox play anywhere you have to;

  • Go to Xbox play anywhere
  • Log into your Microsoft account
  • Head to the games page
  • Scroll down and select any game you want to play
  • If you haven’t purchased it yet, purchase it but if you have already, click “Get” to install
  • Allow the pop-up requesting you to Microsoft Store app
  • Wait for the installation to end
  • Click “Play” to launch the game
  • Start playing

You can follow the above-mentioned method to play any of your favorite Xbox games. There would be no additional pop-ups or options to choose from. The best thing about Xbox Play Anywhere is that it allows you to play your purchased games anywhere anytime without any interruption.

How to play an Xbox game using Windows 10?

To play Xbox games using windows 10 you will need an uninterrupted internet connection for uninterrupted streaming. This method is a little more complex than the Xbox Play Anywhere but it awards you with a lasting game experience.

  • Connect the Xbox One and PC to the same internet connection and make sure the connection doesn’t interrupt
  • Install the updates, if the devices are not updated
  • Go to the Xbox home page
  • Navigate the profile and system tab and scroll down to settings
  • Go to the device and connection option and select “remote features”
  • A new window will appear showing multiple options, select “Xbox app preference”
  • Now decide and select one option from the two top left options “Allow connections from any device” or “only from the profile signed in”
  • From the menu select “Allow game streaming to other devices”
  • Connect your Xbox One controller to PC using Bluetooth or USB
  • Click start
  • Type Xbox console companion and click open
  • Find and click the icon that resembles the Xbox console
  • Connect
  • Click stream
  • Start playing

Most Xbox game players prefer playing their favorite Xbox games on windows 10 as it gives them a better gaming experience.

In brief, Xbox games have recently been allowed to play on PC and the Xbox admirers are going crazy to get the best gaming experience. The Xbox Enthusiasts can use the Xbox Play Anywhere or Windows 10 with an uninterrupted internet connection to play their favorite Xbox games online.

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