BIEN reveals The Benefits of Having a World with Basic Income

(City, state), Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) is a brand that extols the belief that not everyone has to be stressed while working. Definitely, not everyone is supposed to be doing something they do not like or hate just because they need to make ends meet.

While it is generally believed that anyone who doesn’t work should not eat. And it is almost unthinkable that the people who do not work, will have a comfortable life; according to Basic Income Earth Network, it might not necessarily be true. The world only needs 10% of its inhabitants to be potatoes off the couch and get the world to be well fed.

This philosophy is founded on the fact that there is a good circulation of the money made by this 10% that can go around the 90% of idle people. Basic income is an amount stipulated to be distributed to the inhabitants of a place for doing nothing. So, everyone irrespective of their occupation, abilities, or skills is paid a steady, basic salary. And everyone is left at each’s discretion to work for more money or be contented with what they have, spend more time enjoying the activities that they love, and living their best lives.

According to the network, “Basic income is not just to ensure at least 1 out of 9 people work. It is saying that even if 90% of people get to spend their typical work time resting, the world will still run fine if the remaining will start up enterprises.”

About 20% of the people who work for others have their dream jobs. And according to Forbes, less than 50% of employees are at least happy with the job they have. Having a basic income gives everyone the ability to work at their own comfortable pace and in a space they enjoy. It also gives people more time for preparation before launching out into something else. For many, it might not be a dream “job”. It might be the urge to fill this fatigued world with more care by setting up an organization that sees to that.

According to, 1 out of 6.8 people experience mental health issues at the workplace.  Participation in social gatherings has declined as work-hours per household have increased. Many people need relaxation and breaks which they mostly get with sporting events or gaming events like at a casino, church committees, rotary clubs, sports leagues, poetry circles, craft guilds, environmental organizations, music bands, theater companies, unions, political organizations, and several other places people meet.

These generally can serve as not just a recreational center, but also help to be mentally observant. Casinos can serve as a mental exercise for people that have decided to rest.

Studies by the Behavior analysis and therapy program at Southern Illinois University have shown that gambling can positively improve your mood and cause happiness. Usually, it offers a lively atmosphere that could lighten out one’s mood. Not just that, it tends to boost the overall GDP of the country. And this is the reason some governments are increasingly licensing casino businesses as it boosts the tax revenue. In the United States of America for instance, the gambling industry generates over $40 billion to the federal government as revenue.

Usually, the major nightmare about basic income is the Football Couch Potato. The people who end up loafing around without much to do. But when more people get into an engaging free event like art exhibitions, those potatoes are barely even on the couch.

So eventually, there is more truth, more satisfaction, more beauty, and care. This looks to be well deserving of our 3% GDP by letting a few people stay at home.

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