Are ATVs Dangerous? How To Stay Safe

ATV riding is a popular type of outdoor activity. It is a pleasure not only for extreme sports enthusiasts but also for complete beginners in this field. Before buying a quad for your child’s birthday or rent for a thrilling adventure for yourself, make sure that you know how to use it safely. Each ATV rear cargo box should have a first aid kit, but this is still not enough.

Quads are not as harmless as they might seem at first glance. Sharp turns and drifts can cause rollover when driving off-road. Jumping from a hill or overcoming unexpected obstacles requires specific training for sure. But when you need to cross an ordinary road with traffic on ATV, problems can happen too.

Why is ATV dangerous?

  1. Any quad is heavy enough to crush a person to death in case of a rollover and hitting the driver under him. Although most people break limbs only, it is still an injury.
  1. Inexperienced drivers lose self-control because of an adrenaline rush. It leads to accidents too.
  1. Any additional equipment, such as an ATV gun case, must be securely fastened. Otherwise, it can cause a loss of control over the travel direction.
  1. Statistically, tragic accidents due to improper vehicle maintenance occur frequently. It is obligatory to check instructions before new roads adventuring.
  1. ATV using by an inexperienced driver or a child under 16 is extremely dangerous under any circumstances.

What are the fundamental prohibitions when riding an ATV?

  • Riding without a protective helmet and goggles is prohibited.
  • Never allow an inexperienced young driver to use an ATV independently.
  • Drinking alcohol or consuming any psychotropic substances is inappropriate before riding by default.

All of the above does not mean that you need to give up using an ATV. This type of entertainment can be completely harmless when following several rules.

How to guarantee safety during ATV riding?

  1. Ensure that your ATV is in good working order before driving.
  1. Strictly follow the rules and recommendations from the operating instruction.
  1. Be careful when discovering an unfamiliar terrain.
  1. Practice safe roads and low-speed riding before conquering steep slopes and rocky areas. It is necessary to train many skills before any extreme riding attempts.
  1. Never drive up a mountain or a road that is too slippery or seriously damaged. Shift your weight forward of the ATV. Do not drive up the hill at high speed.
  1. Look carefully at the road before going downhill. Shift your weight backward and never go downhill at high speed. Avoid going downhill at an angle that can cause the quad to tilt to the side.
  1. Don’t allow kids under 16 years old to ride alone.

It is better to remember that only compliance with rules will ensure safe entertainment and pleasure with no damage. Merely use common sense and follow instructions carefully. You will feel delighted by ATV riding when driving it confidently. Therefore, do not rush to set personal records and take your time to become an experienced ATV rider.

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