Spencer Vann: The Brilliant Mind Behind The Industry-Shaking Secret Surplus Funds

Finding an untouched gem in the real estate industry and sharing it to other real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

Many individuals dream of making money in an established industry because they know that strategies, success stories, guides, and much other information are already available for them to follow to succeed. Surprisingly, quite a few dreamers still fail to succeed because of merely following the footprints of other successful individuals and not taking risks into learning more and doing more on their own. One of the most common industries familiar with these stories is the Real Estate industry. Many of those who study and learn from the experts without yearning to do more end up failing. But for those who are always hungry, they end up discovering “untouched gems” and shake the very industry they’re already doing well in.

Spencer Vann is the co-founder and CEO of SurplusFund.com – a surplus funds recovery business helping reunite people with their lost money from their foreclosed homes and training and grooming real estate investors on starting and growing their own surplus fund recovery business. Referring to himself as a future cause-driven, and not necessarily a money-driven, hardworking genius entrepreneur, Spencer Vann built SurplusFund.com to create financial advancement and provide a sense of hope to all individuals who have lost their homes to foreclosure or are owed money being held by the government.

Growing up, Spencer Vann’s parents would save up all of their excess money to be able to provide for him and his brother with special needs. His family never got a chance to buy their own house because most of their earnings were spent on the treatment of his brother who was diagnosed with severe autism. His family’s hardships fueled Spencer to dream big and strive hard to one day succeed. He began doing great at sports, especially basketball, and aspired to become an NBA star one day. But his hopes were crushed when his ankle was injured during the main recruiting time for colleges.

While recovering from his injury, Spencer Vann became depressed and felt that his dreams of becoming an athlete were stripped away from him. Luckily, he had a very loving mother who spent most of her time with him to cheer him up and would spend most of their quality time talking about her dreams of buying and owning her own house. Something she never really fulfilled because of their family’s situation.

Wanting to help his mother reach her dreams, Spencer Vann got involved in real estate. He started studying as much as he could. Obsessively learning about real estate for 2 to 3 years after closing his first big sale, Spencer came across surplus funds and started venturing into it. Doing well in this new venture, Spencer decided to start training and coaching other real estate investors to start growing their own surplus fund’s recovery business. He collaborated with another successful real estate investor, David Church, and started training and coaching one investor after another. They have also been growing their team of well-vetted coaches who are highly qualified experts in carrying out their company’s mission and teaching students of all different skill levels. 

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