Nitesh Seth: On How To Sell Over The Internet

While 2021 was still a difficult year for most enterprises, e-commerce has nothing to complain about. The online stores grew approx 12% in the year.

The picture cheered up many people who are just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship. “We see an improvement in the economy and, as a result, optimism with online businesses has also increased,” says Nitesh Seth, Founder of S2O – Start Selling Online

You don’t need big investments to start: traditional e-commerce, which requires round inventory and logistics, is no longer the only option for entrepreneurs.

Here are five great tips for selling over the internet:

1 – Don’t just rely on your intuition

The first tip for anyone looking to open an online venture is not to rely solely on their own opinions. Let go of being the owner of the truth and, before opening your business, do question sessions with potential consumers and search for information on the internet.

“The entrepreneur thinks that his idea is unique, the best of all, and is disappointed when we present market data. Trust who will pay your bills, not just your intuition ”, says Nitesh.

2 – Invest only in what is necessary

It is common for first-time entrepreneurs to want their business to look like the leading stores in the market. For that, they can invest in a perfect virtual store, several service channels, sophisticated packaging and free shipping for all orders.

The problem is that none of this is central to your sales. In the beginning, it is necessary to focus its resources on the purchase of products and marketing, says Nitesh. “Invest as much as possible in areas that really bring in revenue and make your business run. Then, you can invest more in customer experience. ”

3 – Bet on a niche e-commerce

E-commerce has become more accessible. As a result, there is more competition in the sector and ideas similar to yours may start to proliferate.

“A good tip is to start selling products that you already have on hand, such as handicrafts and used games,” adds Nitesh. “Find a product for which you don’t have competition from the market giants, like electronics, for example. You will never get the instalment terms that the big e-commerces already offer and it will be difficult to sell something with such a high average ticket without history as a company. ”

4 – Make planned campaigns

An important strategy for every online business is to invest in campaigns on sites like Google and social networks like Facebook and Instagram. But, if this campaign is not well planned, your investment may go down the drain.

Again, intuition is the enemy of the entrepreneur in this case. “He thinks his audience is women, for example, but his campaign has a low conversion rate. That’s because this is a generic strategy: instead, do several actions with women of different age groups and regions ”, recommends Nitesh.

By investing a little in each segment, you can get a sense of how your potential consumer market responds to these campaigns and analyze which range gives you the most return on your investment. From then on, it’s time to invest more in winning conversion campaigns.

5 – Consider entering a marketplace

The last valuable tip for entrepreneurs beginning in the world of e-commerce is to consider joining a marketplace (platforms that bring together products from different businesses and make the intermediation of purchases).

“Many entrepreneurs do not have the necessary capital to invest in advertising and branding. For them, I suggest starting in the marketplace. Even if the margin is lower, you are already at a point of sale with recurring consumer traffic ”, says Nitesh Seth.

Starting to rotate its products and build a portfolio of customers, the business owner can grow and make investments in media, slowly detaching himself from the marketplace.

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