Hermann Kreimann refines his robotics business amid the pandemic

Even as the quarantine and lockdown measures necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic have negatively affected many small businesses, there are some that see the ebbing tide as an opportunity.

Hermann Kreimann is one such entrepreneur.

Kreimann runs a company in the state of California, providing robotics and computer science training to high school students. He’s also the cofounder and commissioner of the US Engineering League, a competition league fully loaded with battle robots, esports and a ton of fun!

As a national organizer for the prestigious World Robot Olympiad USA, he’s served various capacities in his illustrious career.

A war veteran, he worked for the US military as a sergeant in joint node network management, computer networking and satellite communications. Kreimann also provided communications and radio support to the troops of the 101st airborne, and 4th infantry division stationed in Sadr City during the Iraq War.

Kreimann’s Robotics company began at the behest of his son as a STEM summer camp just a few years back. In the short span of less than five years, it has expanded to training over 2000 students across 35 schools every year.

His teams have a sweeping record of winning tournaments in and around the Inland Empire as well as regionally, and have even bagged a few state championships titles such as the one at Legoland in San Diego.

They were the victors of the World Robot Olympiad – USA championship and represented the United States at the championship in Denmark where they competed against over 200 teams from over 70 countries, placing 10th overall!

While Covid-19 has been a damper to the in-person participation their events rely on, Kreimann’s take is rather sportsmanlike.

He says, “we are taking this as an opportunity to take a step back from the humdrum and focus on building more courses and material for the future. The situation is always changing, what matters is how we look at it.”

The former football coach attributes his success in business to the skills he acquired playing sports.

His company has developed over 20 course modules of their own and are in the process of creating their own sumo robot for robotic competitions in the future.

Kreimann also understands that mere interest in robotics  might not be sufficient to make training  accessible to many students due to the technical complexities involved in building them.

It is for this reason that his company is committed to developing user-friendly robot kits and  manuals that people with little to no expertise in the field of robotics can learn from and master.

He ardently claims, “It’s a unique robot that can be coded step by step and we are in the process of finalizing the building manuals for it.”

Hermann Kreimann says their latest product, tentatively named the USEL Sumo bot is going to be a fun, easy robot to code and build, but difficult to master in competitions.

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