5 Awesome Hollywood Movies That Are Surprisingly Spiritual

If you’re ever bored, one of the most common ways to pass the time is by watching movies. Not all movies are created equal though. Even though Hollywood movies are quite entertaining, they often lack substance. Still, the entertainment can occasionally be very good for relaxing our minds and bodies, especially when they inspire us, make us laugh, or give us hope. Therefore, if you’re going to watch movies, you might as well make the choice to watch ones that will help you improve the quality of your life, make you think more deeply, and deepen your spirituality.

Below, you’ll find five mainstream Hollywood movies that are both spiritually oriented and entertaining.

The Matrix Trilogy:

The Matrix was first known for being a high-power action-packed movie with brand new amazing cinematography. Underneath the covers though, Neo (aka “The One”) is a perfect example of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Neo, reluctantly, goes on an adventure and eventually learns to trust Morpheus and see The Matrix for what it truly is: an illusion.

This metaphor is quite applicable to our own lives. Our minds literally see what they want to see, and sometimes they trick us. You could think of the world outside ourselves as a kind of illusion. When we wake ourselves up spiritually, we start to see that the thoughts we think and the feelings we have are not necessarily real – they are manufactured by our brains.

Similarly, we see in The Matrix that much of what the characters see, experience, and feel, is manufactured… until they wake up.

Groundhog Day:

Though this movie is quite old, it’s a classic comedy. Most people watching it never realized they were being taught an invaluable lesson: to care for others. In this movie, the main character is a selfish egotistical bragadocious little snot (to put it midly). He doesn’t care about anybody, and he just wants what he wants. Women are no different, and he suddenly finds himself wanting to be intimate with one of his female coworkers.

She won’t have it, though. She can see right through his deception, and she wants nothing to do with him. However, because they are coworkers, she has no choice but to at least tolerate him. That is, until things take a turn and they find themselves repeating the same day, day after day after day… and there’s only one way out: to wake up.

What Dreams May Come:

This movie is laid out with a beautiful dream-like landscape. The actors are phenomenal, including the late Robin Williams and also Cuba Gooding Jr. Without spoiling the movie, what we can say is that this is a journey of true love. It’s about going to the deepest, darkest, scariest, parts of ourselves and looking for the light, the goodness, and ultimately peace and forgiveness. Though there’s no laughs in What Dreams May Come, you fill find it to be an entertaining, thought-provoking, emotional roller coaster.


What happens when a native alien species has their way of life threatened by incoming invaders? Well, obviously a war is brewing. However, what then happens when just a few people among both species find connection and compassion with each other? Well, the war then brews within themselves as the invader has to make a big, bold choice between the mission he was sent to do, and how he feels in his heart. Without going too deep into the plot, just know that this movie is a treat for the action-lover who wants a visual treat and a movie with heart.


What if you could create your own reality? Or what if you weren’t even in reality, but rather, living in a dream of your own making? Inception poses both these questions and more. The main character, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is on a mission to free himself from exile. There’s only one way to do it: take on the biggest, boldest, most impossible mission he’s ever been tasked with. There’s a catch, though. In order to complete his mission, he’ll have to successfully complete an even bigger, more dangerous, more emotionally painful mission: the journey inside himself to find peace and forgiveness.

Just like Avatar and Matrix, Inception is an action-packed visual treat that you’ll remember for years to come… and it’ll help you think a little differently about the world you live in.

Last Words:

No matter what you choose to do with your life, we all need entertainment and movies are a quick and easy way to get some. So make the conscious choice to watch movies that will be worth your time, uplift your soul, and make you think more deeply.

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