Preparation Tips & Tricks For IIT JEE Droppers

When it comes to IIT JEE preparation, students should be able to seriously study and complete all the syllabus in the best way. There are many candidates who work hard to get an admission to IIT colleges. There are some who try to drop for a year in order to get admission in IIT colleges. Here, a serious preparation as well as concentration on all the concepts is very important. Here we will discuss some effective guidelines as to how IIT JEE Droppers can prepare for the exam.

  • Never get demotivated: It is very important for you not to get demotivated at all while preparing for IIT JEE. This would only make you feel less confidence. There are people who might demotivate you for taking a drop saying that it is a huge risk for your career. Here, you should never get demotivated because once you clear the exam your own wise decision will come to the real picture. You should try to concentrate on your studies without any sort of worry at all. This would definitely help you to stay away from negative people and concentrate on your studies.
  • Make a good study plan: Another very important thing that you need to do is to make a good study routine. This can help you in concentrating on all the subjects as well as the topics where you would not have to worry at all. You need to understand that there is a particular duration of time for which you need to complete the papers. So, you need to know about the time management skills that would help a lot in achieving success in the exam. Once you brush up it would help you in studying in depth which can make you get the understanding on how to attempt the different questions.
  • Get in touch with your teachers: You should never try to skip any topics or chapters which you find a bit difficult. Instead you should try to get in touch with your teacher who can help you in getting rid of all your problems. Even the slightest doubt that you have should be cleared because you never know what type of questions would be asked in the exam. So it depends entirely on how you prepare for the exam that would make you crack it in the best way. It can also be the right thing for you to help your friends when they are in doubt or have got any queries. This would not only make them get the best help but would also benefit you as a means of revising yourself. Therefore you should try to look forward to having the right concepts cleared.
  • Attempt previous year’s question papers: If you really wish to crack IIT JEE, then you should not forget to attempt the previous years question papers. By doing so, it would be possible to get the right idea on how to attempt the different questions that are set in the exam. This would also help you to find out your stronger as well as your weaker sections. So, in this case you should try to work out on your weaker sections and then try to attempt all the questions in the right way. This would prove to be of quite help to you in achieving success in the exam. Remember that if you manage to attempt all the questions then there is a good chance that you will be able to crack it for sure. But the pattern of the questions might change for which you should not take any risk.
  • Take some breaks in between your studies: You should also try to make sure of taking some breaks in between your studies. By doing so it would help you to get some rest for your brain. At the same time you should also never try to ignore your meals. Many students are seen to skip meals in order to study more but this is a very bad habit which needs to be avoided completely. You can never concentrate on your studies if you are hungry. So you should try to make sure of getting healthy foods that would make you stay on a much better and safer side. 
  • Do not overstress yourself: This is another very important thing that you need to avoid. You should never try to overstress while preparing for any competitive exam. If you happen to do so it would lead to a negative effect on your studies where you can never be able to succeed in the exam. Therefore, you need to make your good effort in staying yourself free of stress while preparing for the exam. Remember that in order to succeed in the exam you need to be quite confident in yourself. No external force should try to disturb you when you concentrate on your studies.
  • Keep your mobile phones away: It has been seen that the majority of the time students stay online on social networking sites like Facebook. This leads to a lot of waste of time which in turn needs to lose their productivity as well. So this needs to be avoided completely if you really wish to succeed in the exam. By refraining yourself from any sort of mobile phone activity it would be possible for you to get much time in studying for the competitive exam.
  • Get time for revision:  You should also make sure of getting some good time for revision. This would help you a lot in revising all the chapters as well as the topics. You need to concentrate on the topics that have been seen to have appeared in the question papers for the last years. Therefore you should try to stay yourself quite knowledgeable by focusing on all the important sectors that can help in scoring good marks in the exam. This would also make you stay quite confident where you would be able to achieve success for sure.

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