Delightful Easter Chocolate Gift Ideas: Make Moments Chocolaty

Just as occasions define our happiness in mundane life, the gifts symbolize the essence of the occasion. Since there is a range of gifts, they have been specialized and categorized into different lists according to the variety of occasions. However, there is one gift that is universal, irrespective of any occasion- chocolates. Chocolate is not even a gift; it is an emotion. On different occasions, different designs and patterns of chocolates are created to resemble the occasion. On this Easter, you can send someone beloved a box filled with chocolates. Here is a list of delightful Easter chocolate gift ideas that make moments and memories chocolaty.

1. Flowerpot Chocolate Chip Muffins

A flower pot looks cute and attractive. Just imagine this flower pot is an edible super tasty chocolate chip muffin! It is one of the trendiest gifts of this occasion. All the baker needs are some rice paper flowers and some terracotta pots as the gift case. With the fill-in ingredients of milk chocolate/ white chocolate, cocoa powder, and eye-popping chocolate decoration, these muffins will be born and made to win hearts. You can q order chocolates online to surprise your beloved at home to give them a sweet treat on this occasion of Easter.

2. Triple Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most popular Easter gifts when they are dipped and chilled in flavored chocolates. Sometimes, the whole berry is taken and process; at times, there are slices of strawberry and then they are dipped into three different layers of chocolates. Next, all these delicacies are thrown into refrigerators to be chilled. The layers of chocolates that the strawberries will be dipped or coated are customizable. One can choose dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and wine chocolates for the coatings or some other flavors. Different Easter chocolate delivery sites provide door-to-door same-day delivery of Easter gifts on this occasion.

3. Easter Chocolate Bark

Easter is all about bunnies, eggs, and candy treats.  These three things are symbols of the Easter celebration. The Easter chocolate bark is a dish made of golden chocolates that are shaped into different symbolic designs. One can choose the flavor of the chocolates as they want it- milk, normal, dark or white chocolate or wine/rum chocolate, and more. This is a very easy chocolate recipe to make and bake at home. The different shapes will make the receivers happy. It is also one of the most delightful Easter chocolate gift ideas to France.

4. Chocolate Mendiants

This can be termed as a beautiful and delightful tasty chocolate patty. It is a very popular Gourmet product; which is made of melted candies, Gourmet compound chocolates. A tablespoon full of this melted chocolate on the wax paper with seasoning makes a delightful taste when it is refrigerated. As it is the occasion of Easter, one can try small marshmallows, blueberry pieces (dried), toasted coconut crunches, pretzel pieces on top along with fancy and colorful sprinkles. It is a very simple yet satisfying Easter gift idea to make chocolate this festive season.

5. Molded Easter Chocolate

Chocolate molded gifts are the easiest to bake and make, even at home. All one needs to make this chocolate is a well-mixed deep thick chocolate puree with almond, cashew, raisins, and other crusted nuts. First, the Bada Bing Bada Boom candies from Gourmet need to be melted; then in the molted candy, dig a hole and fill it with a spoon full of the chocolate puree. Then fix the openings of the candies, and dunk them into the seasoned chocolate puree. Then put them on a refrigerator and let them chill. This will be the perfect teatime companion on this special occasion day.

6. Cube Truffles Gift Box

Truffles are one of the crunchiest and tastiest tastes of chocolates in the world. Truffles contain wafers inside them hence it is difficult to give them any shape. The best truffle for the occasion of Easter is the cube truffles. Godiva manufactures different tastes of truffles and put them into decorative cube box. From chewy marshmallows to deep dark chocolates- this will melt the beloved’s taste buds and heart. Also, they will be in a real dilemma which one to start with as all of them look equally appealing. It is a 16 piece chocolate gift box; one can send Easter chocolates to Germany or any other place to your beloved.

7. Easter Egg Nests chocolate

Easter egg nest is one of the cutest Easter delights to devour and feel guilty about. These are candy-coated chocolate eggs. It is made of either dark or milk chocolates; the most important ingredients are cornflakes and golden syrup. These are rich, crunchy, tasty, and finger-licking. To give them a perfect place to shine, you can create a bird’s nest with faux papers and colored thermocouple balls inside a cane basket. This basket will also act as a gift basket as well that can be used later for another purpose as well.

Easter is a happy occasion; an occasion that carries the essence of hope. Above are the best chocolate gift ideas to make the Easter moments chocolatiers this festive season.        

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